As the cause of house, that he may come

Before you call a brownie, nice to know about his character and habits.After all, this spirit must dwell with us continuously, and, inadvertently offended him, you will damage the well-being of their home.

There are a couple of features that you can determine whether there is a house in your apartment.Where the houses do not, you will never achieve comfort, in places difficult to have a pet.He is believed to live wherever people live a long time, but it is not.Brownies did not originally live in hostels and hotels, but can live in the country or in a hunting cabin, even if you live there often.Brownies leaving the houses in which a lot of dirt, the owners often drunk, quarrel, say obscene words and whistle.Sometimes the house leaves the house, which is induced damage.In such cases, they say that the "master of the house" replaced the devil.The main sign of the care homes because of the damage - the emergence of a large number of cockroaches, which can not be inferred.The house is becoming harder to live, the people in it are sick, broken machinery, beating utensils.

Do not induce brownie in the house where it is most likely not.On your call can come at all other creatures is not always good.

Call brownie is easier when you are in a good relationship with him.Placate the spirit is regularly and especially before you call.Brownie treat sweets - leave them in secret places.It is they, of course, not eating, though some argue that the proposed candy sometimes mysteriously disappear.Brownie powered "spirit" of food, the subtle energies.Then treat not discarded, and is fed to some pet.

Here are a couple of ways to cause a brownie.

1. (Call for divination.) You will need the same 6 a blunt wooden sticks better round.Each of Gad holds 3 pencil in such a way that they form in the air half a rectangle.Fingers should be easy to compress the pencils in the corners of the rectangle, and your elbows should not be pressed to the body.Slowly pinch the ends to complete the figure.Now one of the reptile may ask: "Father house, come to tea, to answer questions!" If the end of a pencil in one of the reptile went up - the house came and ready to answer the questions "yes" or "no."If you fell down - he does not want to talk to you.When the ends are moving in different directions or pencils cool, house mischief or still undecided.Ask a question again.

2. Here's how you can call a brownie alone.Leave all your clothes in the evening away from the bed.Reach the bed naked, holding a lighted candle (electric lights turn off in advance).Extinguish the candle, already lying in bed.Now you need to wake up alone in the night and quickly headed in the direction of the light from the torch clothing.Brownie will be there to sleep, and you can see how it runs.

If during divination or do you see a brownie, heard his voice, it portends good luck and a happy life.And if the house mischief - he was unhappy.It's time to placate the spirit of hospitality.