How to cook beef soup: recipe photos.

is hardly in the Slavic countries, though the one and only family, which dispenses with borscht.This is a very tasty dish.Let everyone has his idea of ​​how to cook soup (beef, pork or no meat), its tricks and different composition of additional ingredients - dish remains the same, but each time acquires new taste nuances.However, some cooking techniques and components that make cabbage soup, remain firm.

Secrets tasty borscht

Although the details of how to cook soup of beef are you going, what are going to add the vegetables except cabbage, beets, carrots and onions, we must remember the main rule.

  1. Want to get beet borscht shade - take table beet.Want a pronounced red - buy soup, which when cooked becomes almost white (and a little more tomato or pasta).
  2. A large number of herbs and spices, no delicious soup with beef does not need to - quite pepper, garlic and lavrushki.The ready to add fresh herbs - and fairly.Otherwise it will not Barshchou smell and taste.
  3. To prepare a delicious soup with beef, with no boiled, but not too hard components, acid components such as beets, drizzle with vinegar, tomato and sauerkraut (there are recipes!) Placed later than the other ingredients.
  4. To salt and garlic seasoning you need before turning off the fire.Then the vegetables in the borsch will Kripen'ka, and he enumerates no garlic odor.

Home -

broth from it to the greatest extent depends on the quality of your meals.Broth should get very nourishing, the more that the selected lean meat, fat and the crust is formed at the soup is cold, even in the form.Therefore, the question of how to cook beef borscht, the answer is clear: until you get bored.But no less than two hours!Fire do the minimum, so less foam is formed.And the one that still appears, be sure to remove.To base your borscht was clear, not muddy, put it nerezanyh carrots and onions - they are then discarded.Before the end of cooking, about ten minutes, laid seasonings: Laurel and peppercorn.They then together with boiled vegetables go in the trash.And of course before any further gestures broth should drain.

basic recipe

If you still do not know how to cook soup of beef, start with a very simple recipe.With the broth we have already figured out, so this step is skipped.We note only that it is necessary to take out the meat, cut into pieces and return to the pot at the end.Beets boiled in separate a bowl.If it is too large, it is cut in half.Likewise come with potatoes, carrots and cabbage, but they can be cooked in a bowl total.Vegetables are cut into strips (can be diced potatoes).Bulbs finely shred and turned up on vegetable oil;When the onion becomes almost transparent to it pours tomato paste, and a few minutes zazharki extinguished.It will combine all ingredients in a saucepan, add salt and warm.Traditionally, this is the first dish served with greens and sour cream.

Russian borscht

Its characteristic feature is that the soup to cook beef in Russian - is not to lay him cutting potatoes.It allowed the introduction of boiled whole or sliced ​​tubers already feeding.The broth is taken mostly beef, but many housewives combine beef and pork, and praise the result.When the foundation is ready, the meat is removed, cut and rushes back.Once again, it boils, put slaw to its final availability.At the same time cut the onions, beets, parsley root (or celery) and carrot - everything except onions into fine strips.Vegetables are formed in a saucepan or deep frying pan, which are poured sunflower oil and half a cup of broth.They will stew twenty minutes.After half the allotted time added diced tomatoes, a little vinegar and sugar - as the latter is constantly trying to add, not to pereslastit.When dogotovyatsya vegetables, fried poured into the pot soup boil a little, and left off for infusion.You can call for dinner!

Ukrainian borscht

If you are particularly interested in how to cook soup of beef recipes of this country, be prepared to add to his fat - without it can not do.Another feature is a component of the bean in the dish.It pay special attention, some housewives cook beans separately, but most insist on joint preparation, as is a more fragrant soup.Beans soaked, preferably overnight.The water is then decanted, and the beans are put into the broth somewhere in the middle of the cooking time.Onions, carrots and beets are cut, put in a pan and roast.When the onion begins to show through, add the tomatoes, frayed into mush (or tomato paste), cut strips of pepper, a little broth, and refilling extinguished about 15 minutes at this time put the potatoes in the broth cubes: five minutes after boiling, add filling, yeta dozen - slaw.Just before removing from the heat injected fat, rubbed with garlic and salt.Under covered with a lid in the soup brewed off the plate at least 10 minutes - it will taste better.

Some refinements

Modern Ukrainian largely modified the recipe.So, instead of grinding garlic and bacon many favorite Ukrainian product is cut into cubes, mix with vegetable oil and mix to make a dressing.Garlic is pressed through the press and put into the pot before the off.The original old Ukrainian recipe included in the meal still - it was added to the steamed vegetables.Now this component declined at all.And now the beans are placed in the soup, and if you cook meatless meals - not soup, and bean broth, or the cabbage soup cooked with mushrooms (the so-called Carpathian recipe).You can try to cook any option.

How to cook soup in multivarka

As always, this apparatus on top!And soup with beef in multivarka can be prepared in two ways.One of them is traditionally brewed broth, and only on this basis in the "soup" is preparing the dish.On the second - the meat itself is not boiled.If you choose the latter method, for the base must be taken meat without bones, such that prepared quickly.For example, the brisket.She cut portions before sending in a bowl.The remaining ingredients are prepared similarly "kastryulnomu" recipe.First, in cooking mode, without cover, bow pripuskayut three minutes.Then, at the same time added to carrot, and finally - beetroot, already a few minutes.Further, the filling is tomato paste, and 3 minutes will be turned off.On top put the meat, potatoes and cabbage, filled with water with seasonings, cover is closed and the "soup" for half an hour.Before you call the table, try the meat.If it is harsh, increase the time.

Now you know how very differently to cook soup.Recipe Beef (photo shows this clearly) provides not only delicious, but also appetizing looking result.