How to cook risotto with beef and smoked

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you ever tried risotto with beef and smoked meat?If not, we suggest you make this dish right now.After all, it turns out extremely tasty and fragrant.They can quickly get enough to feed himself and his family.

In this article we will tell you not only how to properly cook risotto with beef and smoked, but also represent a classic recipe for this dish.After all, not everyone likes to experiment, when the expected long-awaited guests.

Tasty pilaf: a recipe with beef, a photo of the finished dish

If you be fed the traditional way of cooking this eastern dishes like risotto, we recommend it to diversify by adding a variety of ingredients and spices that give the whole dinner special flavor andrich taste.

started to realize we need:

  • most young beef with a small amount of fat - 350 g;
  • smoked chicken breast - about 200 g;
  • long grain rice cereal -400 g (add optional);
  • chickpeas - 50-60 grams (a small handful);
  • bitter white onion - 2 large pieces .;
  • most juicy carrot - 2 pcs .; average
  • garlic heads - 2 pcs .; average
  • deodorized oil - 130 ml;
  • sea salt, ground pepper and any seasoning, spices - add optional.

Processing cereals

To pilaf with beef and smoked meat was more wholesome, it should be done not only with rice, but also with the use of a product such as chickpeas.This ingredient is desirable to take in a small amount, as he later will increase markedly in size.

Thus, chickpeas need to put in a colander and rinse under warm water.Next, it must be completely cooled down pour boiling water and leave for a day.During this period the product will absorb a lot of liquid, for its heat treatment you do not need a lot of time.

As regards rice cereal, then start with the fact that it should only buy Long.This lower grade starch, and therefore this product is not boiled soft and crumbly remain.

So long grain rice need to sort, rinse in cool tap water to its transparency, and then very shaken.

Preparing meat

Pilaf with beef and smoked meat will be more delicious if the main meat ingredient acquire most young and fresh.It is necessary to wash and remove all unwanted veins.After that you want to shred the beef over medium pieces.

As for smoked chicken breasts, they should be cleaned of bones and skin, and then divided into not too thin fibers right hands.

Processing vegetables

Like any recipe Uzbek pilaf with beef presented by way of preparation of the dishes require the use of carrots and white onions.They should be clean, and then start grinding.Carrot is necessary to chop sticks, and onion - half rings on.Heat treatment

Eastern dishes

Delicious pilaf with beef and smoked meats should be prepared in stages.After processing all of the components necessary to take a thick-walled bowl and pour it deodorized oil.Strong heating of vegetable fat, it is required to lower smoked breast and cook them over medium heat until lightly fried cracklings state.The product should be carefully remove and place on a plate and leave to one side.Next you need to put into the pot shredded beef and soaked chickpeas.Bay ingredients drinking water, they need to cook on low heat until until barley is tender.

Having goals zirvak be ready to flavor salt with the expectation of rice cereal, and add the crushed pepper and a little cumin schepotochku.The product must be leveled with a spoon, and include a strong fire, put them washed rice.Next to the ingredients you want to add a little more water by pouring it through a spoon.Once the dish is covered with liquid at 1.5 centimeters, the dishes should be closed, and the fire - subtract.By the way, in addition to the risotto, you can add and whole heads of garlic, drowning them in the column.This dish should be able to cook for 20-26 minutes.At the same time for 5-9 minutes before turning off the plate to the need to lay afloat previously fried smoked breast.

serves delicious oriental dishes for dinner

Now you know how to cook risotto with beef and smoked.After the rice is tender rump dish must be removed from the heat, stir large spoon and leave under cover ΒΌ of an hour.Next, you want to distribute on the dinner plate and present members of the household hot with bread and homemade pickles.Bon Appetit!

classic recipe of Uzbek pilaf with beef

If you do not want to experiment and prepare the said dish, adding a variety of meats and chickpeas, it is recommended to use the old-fashioned recipe that requires no extra ingredients, and is based only on a standard set of products.

So, the classic recipe for a delicious pilaf with beef provides for the use of the following components:

  • most young beef with a small amount of fat (you can use lamb) - 450 g;
  • long grain of rice - a pair of glasses (add optional);
  • bitter white onion - 2 large pieces .;
  • most juicy carrot - 2 pcs .; average
  • tomato paste - 2 large spoons;
  • fresh garlic head - 2 pcs .; average
  • deodorized oil - 110 ml;
  • sea salt, ground pepper and any seasoning and spices - add optional.

processing ingredients

Before making homemade risotto with beef, it should be good to handle all of the components.To begin with it is recommended to sort out long-grain rice and wash it thoroughly in cool water.After that you need to rinse the piece of beef, clean it from non-edible items, and then chop not very small cubes.Also required separately chop and vegetables.Bulbs cut into half rings, and carrots - on a straw or polukruzhochki.As for the garlic heads, they should be carefully washed, without clearing of a peel.If desired, they can make a few punctures, so that all taste left in pilaf.

Uzbek pilaf cooking on the stove to make

Uzbek dish, you need to pour the oil in a thick-walled, deodorized, dishes, and then reheat it strongly.Next to the boiling vegetable oil is required to put the pieces of beef and fry them a little bit.Following the meat you want to send the bulbs and carrots.After the ingredients acquire golden color, flavor should be spiced tomato paste and with the expectation of cereal and then smoothed with a spoon.Then on top of meat and vegetables needed to put rice cereal and pour boiling water over it, using a spoon.There is also a need to add afloat punctured heads of garlic.As such, the Uzbek dish should be prepared on low heat (after boiling), about half an hour.

After that time, dinner is required to remove from the heat, stir large spoon and leave the lid (you can optionally wrap blanket) for 20 minutes.

supply Uzbek pilaf to the table

the recipe of the eastern dishes will allow you to make a delicious and crisp risotto.If you want to get a meal porridge, the ingredients added to the water should not cover them 1.5 cm, and 3.5.Also, to achieve this long-grain cereals can be replaced by Round.

After cooking crisp dinner needs to be spread out on a plate and present members of the household hot.In addition to this Uzbek dishes can be fed a loaf of bread, and pickles or tomatoes.Bon Appetit!