"Do you want to change something in our department?"

How best to respond to such a question the chief?How to enter: honestly express their opinion or give diplomatic and streamlined answer?Experts estimate the possible options for the 10-point scale.

«Perhaps we lack fresh personnel» - 7,2 *

Love Gorbunova, a partner at consulting center "Step» :

- Normal answer, but it lacks specificity.Why do we need fresh footage?Perhaps the employee additional resources are needed - for example, the assistant to cope with a large amount of responsibilities.Maybe he feels that the work lacks fresh ideas.

Yarnykh Veronica, CEO of the Center management competencies :

- A good answer, if you are ready for a fresh training and the competition department.As a rule, new employees focus on career development, they are ambitious and innovative.However, such an answer you show interest in the development department.

«I would like to work in a more cohesive team" - 7

Marina Mironova, Deputy General Director of "Velez Staff» :

- The answer is not bad.The employee gives an objective picture of the situation, does not offer ready-made solutions unfounded, but puts forward a concrete problem - the lack of cohesion.The employee must understand that the next issue of the head will read as follows: "Why do you think so?»

Veronica Yarnykh :

- Keep in mind that not every leader needs a team.By offering such an answer, you need to disclose that it was not satisfied with your work, what achievements in the team format will be able to achieve your department.

«I would like to see the growth prospects for himself» - 6,7

Love Gorbunova :

- The answer can be assessed in different ways.If an employee thinks about professional self-development and interested in learning new tasks, this option will satisfy the manager.Perhaps the subordinate would like to see the future of your company, then it is a request for information on the prospects and plans of the organization.And if it is only on the rise, there may be problems.In place of the chief I would have wondered whether the slave is not aiming at my place?

Veronica Yarnykh :

- Good answer.Know your own prospects is quite important for any employee.But in addition to that it would be good to give an example of their own achievements, to focus on your career was not unfounded.

«I would have made a more democratic style of leadership" - 6

Marina Mironova :

- Good answer.It takes some courage to say this boss.Usually, most of the staff talking about the problems of functional and managerial skills of the authorities to discuss the fear.A wise head will listen to this view subordinate.

Veronica Yarnykh :

- I can not agree with this answer.Not a great option - the head of his management style for you nekomforten.Far better to say this: at a sufficiently authoritarian approach you fear that the missing part of the Department of options.And list which ones.

«I would have canceled the system of penalties» - 5,5

Love Gorbunova :

- Not the best answer.Penalties - one of the most effective ways to manage.Meaningful sentence becomes prohibit penalties if the employee clarify, what exactly he does not agree with fines.For example: "I have proposed to abolish penalties for delay, because we are able to fulfill all our tasks, working in free schedule."

«Do not worry, everything is well organized" - 4

Marina Mironova :

- extremely negative response.An employee strives to make a favorable impression, but if the boss asks a similar question, he is not interested in the fact that it calmed.In any job there are things that can be improved.They do not need to hush up.As a rule, minor issues are always discussed behind the heads in the smoking room.And if an employee refuses to talk about the problems of leadership, so he is not going to take responsibility for the results of the division, does not want to make a difference.

«And my proposal be implemented?" - 3

Love Gorbunova :

- It is hoped that by asking such a question, the slave does have some real deals.But more often this kind of response means that the slave is not ready to offer something and responds with a question.In response, the employee felt the irony, a hint of the resistance operations manager.

Veronica Yarnykh :

- Not a good answer.This is reminiscent of the trade: "If you guarantee for change, then I will offer them to you."Do not start the answer in this format, it is better to propose some changes, if they are important and are comfortable for you, and only then to express my confidence that the manager is willing to discuss them.

Articles Source: trud.ru