Versed in terms of fashion: what Sash

If you do not particularly care about the look, then you will most likely not going to deal with the variety of types of belts.Other business - fashionista.They are all interesting!You can improve your image and something new to learn.For example, do you know what a girdle?How is it different from the conventional belt?Let's face it.

does he look like?

If you take a piece of cloth or a thin scarf, tie it around your waist, you get Sash!This is a broad and multi-layered belt.Previously, it was part of the male toilets.They tied up the robe.It was purely a practical invention.The fact is that the buttons in the olden days were rare and expensive product.The peasant class could not often afford to buy them (other fasteners do not write, they did not exist).It turns out, the answer to the question of what a sash, very strange.This is the first clasp, which was used to outerwear not swung open and laid bare body!

Sash: meaning

By origin it belongs to the Turkic language.Transfers to its current value.That is Sash - a wide belt or band.Otherwise it has no value.But there are many options Kushakov.They were used not only for fastening clothing in the cold.Sash is still served by some decorations, and sometimes pockets.Remember, in the literature, the groom plugged gloves for kushachok?That's where you can put other small (and not) the things that are in their hands not to wear.There's also placed the ax and other tools needed for working outside the home in the winter.It turns out that the sash - the product is very functional, as the current fashionable women do not remember.Well, now we will lay the waist when each charmer and handy pockets and handbag?

Modern sashes

Belts are now playing the role of decoration.When this is used as its appearance and location.Wide belt can emphasize the harmony of shapes and pull the body around the waist.At the same time, what a sash in the old sense of the word, no longer remember.So called zone of any material, and not very wide.Its main difference from the rest: a few layers or tying options.That is, if an ordinary belt buckle is fastened or secured, the sash is variability.They can be tied in three layers, and can be attached to a huge bow and rose.This is - an instrument separate game taste and imagination.Some time ago, the fashion was embroidered or decorated with fringed sashes.Kind of a return to the historical roots.Special chic - Sash handmade.These can only be done by yourself or find it on solo exhibitions!