"The Witcher 2": passage.

"The Witcher 2" - this is the second part of the legendary trilogy of computer role-playing games based on the fantasy book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.This role-playing game is one of the best in its genre, as it allows you to immerse yourself in the vast and wonderful world full of various tasks and quests, NPCs and monsters, pumping capacity, types of armor, weapons and magic.Now, however, it is worth paying attention to one particular side quest, which most players can not handle, but it does not affect the way in developing the game "The Witcher 2" passing."Mystic River" - the name of the mission.

epic quest

When most gamers end up in the game "The Witcher 2" passing, "Mystic River" does not appear among the completed quest.And that makes a lot of questions: How did this happen?After all the necessary tasks have been fulfilled.In fact it is quite a common situation, and it is due to the fact that this is an epic adventure that is pulled over the entire three chapters.It begins in the very first chapter, but to finish it, you can not until you find yourself on a plot on the third.Only then will you be able to perform the necessary actions to complete this quest for the game "The Witcher 2" passing."Mystic River" - is the task on which you have to work a lot.But what you have to do to succeed?

Chapter 1

So, if you want you can learn to play "The Witcher 2" passing."Mystic River" is nesyuzhetnym quest, so there he will not be marked.Accordingly, you need a separate guide that explains all the features and details for the preparation and completion of this task.First of all you need to complete the quest "Keiran" - when you find yourself in the lair of Keiran, you'll see a ruined abandoned ship.Inside you can find a human skeleton from which you can pick up the key meter Zillah.Next will be the chest, to which the key fits - but do not rush to throw it away or sell after use, since it is useful to you in the following chapters.So, open the chest, and from there reach for the logbook and the report of the captain.The report was not sent to death Zillah, so you will need to finish its work.Go to Flotzam where there is a mailbox, and lower to the report.But the task does not end there - you need to collect two more reports.First you will find in the chest at the Ludwig Mersa - it can convince the open with a special rune.And the second is more difficult, because you only get it after the murder of Bernard Loredo at the end of the first chapter.You can stand on the side of Roche, Loredo and then death will be inevitable.If you decide to take a position Iorveth, then hitting the ship to Laredo, you will receive an ultimatum - either you fight with Loredo or saving elves.Accordingly, if you choose the second option, you can not kill Loredo and finish the quest "Mystic River.""The Witcher 2", the passage which constantly offers difficult choices, more than once in the course of the game will make you think seriously about the consequences of your actions.

Chapter 2

again it is worth recalling that the game to which the quest "Mystic River" - "The Witcher 2".Passage of the first and third parts do not contain such a quest.So, when you get to the second chapter, in this quest, you will not do too much.At the end of the first chapter you will be told that you need to look for a second crashed ship, which will be the missing report.However, in the first chapter to get to the desired location, you can not - it would be possible just now.Go to the location marked on the map, and take away the last report, as well as some very important for the further passage of the job materials.Well, that's coming to an end the quest of the game "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings," "Mystic River" - passing it smoothly into the third chapter.

Chapter 3

In the game "The Witcher 2" quest "Mystic River", the passage of which was described above, the end is very simple.You will need to go to the dungeon Locke Muin, where you will find the forbidden box.For the third time, use the key you found in the beginning of the quest to open it and took out a special armor, tools for forging, drawings and some other useful things.Now go to the town square and in the tavern looking blacksmith Brasa, who will need to transfer all that you have discovered.That's all, the quest is over.


What do you get when you finish the job, "Mystic River"?When you give Brasa all their findings, it is sent to the forge and the use of drawings, materials and tools for you to create the armor of Vranov, which is almost the most powerful in the game.As you can see, you really should try to get a valuable reward.