Why dream of mushrooms?

Unravel a dream in which one way or another featured mushrooms, is not so simple.And all because of interpretations have such a dream can be exactly the same as there are dream books.Of course, if the day before you enjoy the taste of pickled mushrooms, or, for example, is an avid mushroom picker, and then there is nothing to wonder.And if not?Let's still try to figure out what dreams mushrooms?

Usually mushrooms symbolize suspicion and caution.It is not in vain in Russian fairy tales because of toadstools evil witch brew a potion with which bewitch and sends misfortunes.In other cases, the opposite mushrooms symbolize wisdom.For example boletus mushroom in many legends considered good spirit and guardian of the forest, meeting with him promises prosperity and good fortune.

As in many cases, in order to solve this or that dream, you need to remember as much as possible details.For example, what kind of mushrooms dreamed a dream, what action was connected with them.So, if you dream you suddenly found themselves on the mushroom glade - in reality should be careful.Someone from your imaginary friends trying to trick you.A dream in which you see a basket of mushrooms, predicts unfounded suspicions to your address, which will have to refute.A dream in which the other collecting mushrooms, but you got a foot, warns that because of excessive suspiciousness, you might miss a great opportunity.Bad sign, promising all sorts of troubles and misfortunes - to see the worm-eaten mushrooms.

can try to figure out what dreams mushrooms in different dream books.So, if you believe the dream book of Aesop, then see yourself in a dream in the form of a mushroom means that in real life will take responsibility.There is a dream of mushroom soup, according to the same dream book - suspect someone from relatives of wrongful deeds.And if your eyes mushrooms grow as large as a house - your wisdom surrounding appreciated.ABC of the interpretation of dreams and provides answers to the question - what dreams mushrooms?This dream usually warns about the illusory plans and dubious pleasures, but in some cases could mean a reward.To see grebes and amanita - to deception and lies, to collect - a lot of work.To see mushrooms growing in an unusual location, it means that the company that you started very risky.

interesting to view Ukrainian dream book, as to what dreams mushrooms.Is considered a good sign to see the poisonous mushrooms, this dream promises profit.Women gather mushrooms in a dream - for an early birth.To see dried mushrooms means that reality can avoid some unhappiness, well, what it eats mushrooms in a dream, destined to live to a ripe old age.

if the dream of white mushrooms

Gather porcini mushrooms - the beginning of a new business that will be profitable to obtain bonuses or remuneration.In addition, this dream promises a good buy and a good marriage, or just a quiet family life.What dreams mushrooms white woman?In this case, the dream is not always good.A woman this dream may portend disappointing in their own husband, as well as to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Many dream books give this interpretation and dreams, which involve any specific fungi, such as mushrooms or mushrooms.What dreams mushrooms mushrooms?Collect these fungi means that you can inadvertently inflict severe mental pain or a loved one for a long time to terminate a relationship with him.If you dream you dry the mushrooms and string them on a thread, the victory over the enemies you provided when frying - expect to move up the career ladder.Woman mushrooms in a dream portend many fans.Well, if you dream of mushrooms, so in reality you imitate other people's tastes and practice other people's opinions.