Why dream of a cockroach?

If you had a cockroach, it is likely that, in the morning the first thought is the desire to learn, which can mean a dream, and what to expect in the near buduschem.Takoy dream may soon become a rarity, because in the past 10 years, imperceptibly almost disappearedall cockroaches.Biologists on this issue did not come to a definite conclusion.Assumptions are many - from the effects of high frequency mobile communication to the negative impact of GM products on living organisms.

But why dream about a cockroach, still worried about people who remember this insect.

From the long list of dream book, which is treated cockroach dream book early XIX century Gustav Miller calls the greatest confidence.This psychologist, united in their research knowledge interpreters of dreams, mystics, as well as the wisdom of the ancient astrologers.

So, for Miller, if the dream of a cockroach - it means that you have something troubling, but afraid of you actually do nothing.

If you dream you are trying to eradicate these insects, but they are still getting more, because of the circumstances expect the addition of tasks and responsibilities.But do not worry, because it will bring you satisfaction.

If you dream that you have entered into a dark room, turned on the light and saw that from you in all directions scatter cockroaches, then the value of this dream shows that you need to give for the sake of their own benefits from the dubious pleasures.

Here's how to explain such dreams other commentators - downers.

First look in the Russian folk dream book, what a dream a cockroach.It is a symbol of trouble, untidiness and molestation.In the dream you are trying to catch a cockroach - it means that to maintain peace and harmony in the house you are trying to do everything in your power.Dreaming that your house a lot of cockroaches - a harbinger of quarrels and troubles in life.See the white cockroach dream - deception and forgery.

If you dream of a cockroach, dream interpretation of Maya, for example, explains how good predznamenovanie.Travite cockroaches in a dream - which means it is easy to cope with any problems in the near future.If you dream you see that a cockroach crawling right over you, be careful - it is a sign of mortal danger.

somewhat contradictory explanation what dreams cockroach, can be read in the dream book Ezopa.Uvidet cockroach in his sleep - in real life a profit or unexpected news.If you had a dream that a lot of cockroaches in the house - good luck and prosperity in delah.Na his desk caught a cockroach - awake waiting for a worthy reward for hard work.

If you had a cockroach, which fell on you, soon expected success and fulfillment zhelaniy.Bolshie black cockroaches in a dream - a powerful and influential man begins to intrigue against you.

large family dream book this interpretation dreamed of black cockroaches - to abundance, joy, fun, and possibly for the wedding.Many ordinary insects - to the guests, one - to the assistant.

In Dream Interpretation Longo dreamed cockroach means that you have a tendency to devote time to things that are not needed.You see a lot of cockroaches in a dream - you prevail over fears that lose everything that you have.Kill cockroaches in a dream - you want to get rid of anxiety, it will lose all acquired by honest labor.

Dream book on esoteric dreamed ordinary cockroach - to come to the house and the new household items.If a lot of them - in the foreseeable future, you will have a stable prosperity.If they are too much - extra stuff came in the house and you need to get rid of them.Have unusual cockroaches (mutants) - this means in the house are objects with a negative destructive energy or radiation level exceeded.

A modern dream book there such an interpretation, what dreams cockroach - to the delight.And let it always be like this!