How to interpret the dream book, strawberry dream of happiness

What is surprising are our dreams!Every dream is rich in mystery and mysticism that can solve only with the dream book.In the dream, every cell in our brain and body rest and recuperate.During rest in our memories emerge the most amazing pictures and figures that carry hidden information.It is very important time to pay attention to what he saw in a dream, in order to properly interpret and understand it.

How interprets berries dream interpretation?Strawberries in a dream can tell a lot.If the berries are large and juicy - expect success in all cases.This applies to both personal life and work.In a career is all harmoniously, in a family or romantic relationships - harmonious.And what could be more important than harmony?If you dream with your loved one if you eat strawberries, you will find a joint trip abroad.There you can get to know each other, share their thoughts and experiences.How to explain the dream book, strawberries on the plate says prosperity in the family.In financial terms, you will not need, can afford large purchases, travel.

What else tell sonnik strawberry.Collect such beauty is to reap the fruits of their labors.You make an effort, you can now enjoy the results of their work.However, if the strawberry is in a transparent bowl - you can envy.Envy, as a rule, does not lead to anything good, so beware of envious.

How to interpret the dream book, there is a strawberry is good news.Sweet taste speaks of a new acquaintance.Sour strawberry warns that your relationship may collapse because of evil tongues.Do not listen to anyone, stay itself.The bitter taste of the berries is bad news.You may disappoint people close to you, friends or even relatives.Maybe your plans will fail.

How to interpret the dream book, strawberry beds indicates a good harvest.The word "harvest" can be understood in the literal sense as well as figuratively.Your desire finally fulfilled, a dream come true.If the strawberry beds with white flowers buds, you flourish yourself.You will have the mood, the desire for new discoveries and actions.If whole strawberries in the garden black, behind your back, things happen which you can not even guess.You discuss girlfriends about you unflattering comments superiors.If you notice that you slander boldly Speak to these people what you think of them.

What else can tell us a dream book?Strawberry Green says that your plan is too early to implement.It is necessary to wait for some time, and then everything will be much easier and faster.If you cook strawberry jam, you expect romance and love affairs.Wait on her lover surprises and unexpected behavior.Perhaps he could even more to win your heart and even made a marriage proposal.

If you dream, if you grow strawberries directly in your apartment, you can impress your friends and colleagues their creativity and creativity.They finally will be able to see your potential and see your sense of humor.Strawberry dream still carries a positive energy.If you had a dream about this beautiful juicy berry, expect changes for the better.Also, you can get a large sum of money.The financial and personal level everything is just better.But if the berries are black, rotten and moldy - time for you to focus on themselves and their problems.It's time to put things in order.It also relates to health, which is followed by a track features.

So wonderful strawberry can add to your life adventure, romance and new tender feelings.Again you remember that love - a wonderful feeling.