Where to find scuba gear in GTA 5, and how to use it?

Today game GTA 5 is one of the best in the world, it is played by millions of gamers and the title she won it deservedly.The fact that there is a huge variety of options available to you as when passing the scene and mode fripleya.For example, it may be noted that for the first time in the series GTA here has been implemented not only land but also underwater world - your character is now able to not only swim, but also diving, submerged for research.However, the residence time of the water is limited, so you need to periodically resurface to gain a deep breath.Therefore there is a very topical issue - where to find scuba gear in GTA 5.

Inflatable boat

So everyone who wants to go diving in this wonderful game have to wonder about where to find the aqualung in GTA 5. After all, withoutit you will be very limited in movement under the water, taking into account the small air supply.To do this, you can go to the port of the island and explore there Elysian rubber inflatable boats.In one of them will be in your scuba gear and scuba mask.Accordingly, you can take them with you to then use.Now you know the answer to the question of where to find the aqualung in GTA 5, but this is not the only point where you can go.If you are far from the port, you can choose a different direction.


As you know, the answer to the question of where to find a scuba GTA 5 is simpler than it may seem, at least from the fact that it can be found in two different locations.So, if you do not want to go to the port, or it is too far away, you may want to consider another possibility.The game has an abandoned dock called "Sonar Kollekshns", next to which can be found a few old submarine, which, unfortunately, can not be used.However, you can swim in a bathyscaphe, where he will lay a scuba mask.That's it - now you can swim underwater without any restrictions in the game GTA 5. Where to find scuba, now you know - it's time to deal with some aspects of its use.

Appointment scuba

So, you already know where you can find scuba gear in GTA 5, but not all people understand what is really needed.They think that it is possible to do without this device, exploring the Earth's surface and diving just a short while.But in reality, scuba gear you will greatly benefit, as the bottom of the ocean you will find a variety of items such as ammo, armor and so on.Previously, it was possible to even find cases with money, but the developers have removed this feature, as it was found a bug - switching between characters of money at the bottom of restored, that is, being available to two scuba gear, you can endlessly pick yourself treasure, switching between characters.However, no cases of money you can find enough goodies under the water in the game GTA 5. Where to find a scuba - it is clear why you need it - too.But how do I use it?

Using scuba

If you have available already have scuba, then you only need to sit at the helm of the boat and then dive under water - automatically your character will wear scuba gear and you will be able to stay under wateran unlimited amount of time, which is very convenient.As you can see, the use of scuba gear does not require any special skills or items, so you can get started pretty quickly.Management of the water is not very different from what you are using on the ground - just you need to always remember that your mobility will be a bit limited, so count your movement wisely.Especially considering the fact that the water you can meet certain dangers.

Narrative improvement

During fripleya you can only use scuba gear - it's pretty convenient, and complain you just do not have.However, to perform one of the topical tasks you will be given a special suit diver, equipped with fins - with him you will be able to maneuver much better under water, and to develop greater speed.But, unfortunately, this suit does not become available after the passage of the mission - you take it and do not allow them to use.Many gamers looking for a way to get a suit diver on a regular basis, but all attempts ended in failure.So you have no choice but to use only diving.But that's okay, because its functionality is enough for a full study of the underwater world and find a variety of treasures that are hidden on the bottom.Suit diver - this is just a little bonus for a limited amount of time, so do not waste their gaming moments in his search - you will not leave.Perhaps the developers will add it in future versions of the game, or in addition to the GTA 5. Where to find scuba gear, you already know, so long as that use to them.