The game "DotA 2": ranked teams

Today we will try to figure out how to make the game "DotA 2" rating teams.Dota 2 - a game that has won the hearts of millions.It is included in the list of computer multiplayer games, which are held official international competitions.There are many professional teams conducted their rating of success.


Professional teams have great contrast to the amateur.In the first place because they consist only players who participated at least once in the official major tournaments.In addition, these gamers have a constant salary.Themselves teams have one or more sponsors.Ratings Team "Dota 2" officially conducted only among professionals.Next, we talk more about unions.


The game "DotA 2" rating teams are headed by the following professionals:

  • Vici Gaming,
  • Team Secret,
  • Evil Geniuses,
  • Team Empire,
  • Natus Vincere.

This is the best of the participants.The ratio of wins and losses in professional competitions to make it possible for the project "Dota 2" rating teams.It is necessary to identify the most successful associations.Most often, lovers watching the successes and failures of their idols just rely on top-5 considering joining it almost elitist.

little about teams

  • Vici Gaming - team of China, founded in 2012.In 2013, the team changed its project "Dota 2" and once again changed the composition.A little later, he became an independent unit, leaving the structure of the club.Even though the lack of unity and the volatility of the composition, the team takes his place in the Top 5.
  • Team Secret - team set up in 2014.At first it consisted of only three professional players - Natus Vincere (direct captain), Alliance and Fnatic.Formally established after the championship TI4.The composition has changed several times, but eventually went to participants from across the EU.

  • Evil Geniuses - a team from the United States, is no longer a professional league, which falls under the jurisdiction of several different online games.In 2011, we decided to move on, "Dot".This command is on the right is the most popular, successful and oldest in North America."The evil genius" is rightly included in the Top-5.Thus, in the game "DotA 2" ranked teams can not do without this association.
  • Team Empire - a team is involved in several other games.Was founded in 2004 in Russia, it is considered one of the most famous eSports teams in Russia, a kind of symbol.Specifically, "DotA 2" Imperials were engaged in 2011.It is noteworthy that three of the five "athletes" have Ukrainian citizenship.
  • Natus Vincere - founded in 2009 in Ukraine.Multigeymingovoy considered as mere "DotA" and "Counter-Strike" is not limited to the activity of players.Ukrainians belong to several records world-wide, one of them - winning three world tournaments in a row.Since 2014 the team is back in the US, called Na'Vi.US.