Production of cardboard boxes

It would seem that in recent decades have devised a variety of packaging materials, and interest in the cartons did not waned.On the contrary, this type of packaging uses active demand.If earlier it was just a couple of boxes of design options, today there are several dozen.In the case of the production it is used as an ordinary cardboard and corrugated cardboard - a material composed of two layers of cardboard and paper layer.

Once the boxes were produced manually, and the equipment is only cut cardboard.It was not cost-effective, because the costs of maintaining employees collecting the packaging proved to be extremely high.Once the process of assembling cardboard boxes was completely automated, and the cost of production significantly decreased.Since packaging materials made of cardboard can be seen almost anywhere they are needed.

Those boxes that are used to package food and medicine must meet all requirements of health, so they selected the highest quality cellulose.Production of cardboard boxes is controlled by means of computer technology, but on the whole marriage here is not as common, and there is no serious danger, he does not carry.To improve the strength properties of packaging it further laminated film, but these boxes are used only for non-food items.Ideally, the board has to "breathe", to absorb excess moisture and does not give it to condense on the product.

Cardboard packaging does not have to take the form of a cube or rectangle.For example, in perfume designers realize the most daring ideas, creating a box in the form of a flower or vase.Such packages look very original and contribute to the promotion of products on the market.

Making cardboard boxes is typically limited by the fact that they applied by offset printing some beautiful images.Stamping technology is rarely used, as this leads to a significant increase in the cost of packaging.But it becomes fashionable to squeeze on a cardboard figure, thus giving the product a relief.

In the production of packaging materials must use a raw material that is suitable for recycling.Because the boxes are often made of cardboard that is based on recycled paper, it is possible to reduce the burden on the logging industry.