How to lose weight?

We all know, and experts keep saying that intensive weight loss adversely affects health.But in today's world sometimes we are forced to ignore the advice of nutritionists in order to produce one lasting impression on others, whether it's a trip to the sea, meeting with their classmates or buying new clothes.So, how to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg?How to lose weight as quickly as possible, it is desirable to painlessly?How to lose extra weight in a week without suffering gastritis and ulcers in the future and not to return the lost weight with "interest" after the expiration of the diet?

main rule to remember is currently putting this task as "to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg": to prepare for a change habitual way of life.Although, if you set a goal to lose a kilo a pair in a short time, then you just ready for anything!

A few rules of how to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg:

1) Any intense and extremely effective slimming built on limiting the food you consume.Slimming includes not only diet and increased physical load.The most noticeable effect will be if your hunger strike will be combined with the sport, but training should be medium-gravity, and the activity and power.

2) Any diet that will help you to eliminate excess weight quickly, you can not use for a long time.You certainly do not want to suffer from health problems.Basically, all diets are built on bans.Permission is granted to receive a low-calorie food, you can not eat sweets, salt, sugar.Food is replaced by copious drinking (at least 2 liters per day).Drink plain water or green tea, freshly squeezed juices to saturate the body, in which a variety of vitamins.

3) When the body is deprived of the intense weight loss is not only extra kilograms, but also nutrients.It is necessary to compensate for the lost vitamins and minerals, otherwise it will feel fatigue and weakness of the body on the day for which all this was started.Talk to your doctor and start taking a course of vitamins.Also you can drink protein complex, replacing the body food proteins.Protein activates active muscles.

4) Prepare yourself for a transformation in advance.Why do you need to get rid of extra kilos?In order to improve self-esteem?Perhaps your figure without dieting reinforced able to attract the attention of the opposite sex?Make sure that you are beautiful and spectacular, without abuse of the body, spirit itself in a positive way.

5) If you manage to get results and to solve the question: "How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg?", Do not stop.Do not throw exercise, watch your diet.It is not necessary again lash out at "forbidden fruit", because they bring only harm the body.It is not necessary to force your body abrupt change their traditional way of life, all changes must be gradual.

6) If you have time, not a lot (of the week), and the need to lose weight slightly, the rigid framework is not necessary to drive themselves.If you think, how to lose weight by 1 kg per week, nachto this week with cleansing.Water, fruit and vegetables - everything you need.The result is not only a figure, but also on the face, because the swelling gone and fatigue.

Many girls give a more long-term problem and decide how to lose weight in 3 months to 15 kg.If you have set myself the task to lose weight for the long haul, then be ready for a tough diet and active lifestyle.Also in the fight against excess weight can help massage, gymnastics, jogging, sauna, swimming pool, etc.Once a week you need to arrange a hunger strike, other days should strictly monitor the amount of calories and wholesome food.In addition to vegetables and low-fat fermented milk, cereals in the diet should be a lot of water.And, certainly, we should not talk about what you need to forget about the buns, chocolates and fried potatoes.

Whatever task you did not put yourself: lose weight in a week, month, six months, remember that the important thing is the health and self-confidence!