How to choose an engagement ring?

wedding ring - a symbol of infinity happy marriage blessed by Heaven.With a choice of wedding jewelry before facing each pair.And, of course, all lovers there is one and the same question - how to choose an engagement ring?Let's talk about this in our article.

choosing the ring, it is necessary to consider not only its beauty and size, but also practical, because it is commonly worn without removing.So first of all think about how comfortable you will be walking with the pleasant decoration on his finger.Wedding rings on provide a wide range of newlyweds so that choose "his" ring is not difficult.

practicality of ringlet - above all

that you are comfortable wearing a wedding ring, remember a few rules:

  1. Ring should not have elaborate design.Decorated with large precious stones, it will cling to clothing.
  2. Do not buy "obruchalki" inappropriate your fingers.Owners of long graceful fingers fit delicate rings, if your fingers have a pleasant fullness, prefer less subtle patterns.
  3. ring should not sit on your finger like a glove, because in the heat of a decoration will be a real challenge.Try to choose a size that will not compress the finger as well as the fall from it.

From a metal ring should be done?

most expensive material (as well as the strongest) is platinum.However, these rings can afford not to each pair, so often choose rings of red or white gold.It makes sense to give preference to the latter, if you prefer to wear silver.

Select Design rings

Jewelry stores today are a huge number of customers with a variety of design rings.Newlyweds are free to choose your favorite, but remember the old accept - to love life has been smooth, and the surface of the ring should be smooth.

not chase fashion - buy what you really liked and not what is fashionable this month, in fact, these rings will be with you for life, and the fashion is capricious and changeable.The design can be quite varied - classical, decorated, round or flat, c or without stones.If the views of the future spouses about what should be the design of wedding rings, at odds, there is always an opportunity to order "couple" with a different, but something similar design (metal, pattern, gem).For example, the groom may be more stringent than the ring bride.

To make your ring unique, be sure to put on their surface engraved with the words, the meaning of which is clear to you.However, etch, as you remember, you can not all of the rings - only made of gold and platinum 585.

Pay attention to the quality

The quality of purchased rings depends beauty and durability of the ring.That through the years you do not have to choose a new, do not skimp on the rings - if necessary, you will have to buy new again spend, perhaps even larger scale in order to ensure that these models do not disappoint.Besides, as you know, national sign says - you can not change the wedding rings, pre-broken or lost the old ones.

And, of course, follow your heart, because it is the surest prompt option.