Square Pythagoras : Pythagoras calculation , character , and compatibility by date of birth .How to calculate the square of Pythagoras ?

Today, ordinary people know many different ways as possible to get to know themselves and to anticipate the future.There is nothing wrong with that, it is always best to be prepared for what awaits.That is why in this article, want to talk about such an interesting way to get to know yourself as the square of Pythagoras.

What is it?

First of all I would like to remind you that Pythagoras - an ancient Greek scientist and philosopher whose work is enjoyed by people so far.With regard to this issue, then he tried to combine mathematics Arabs and knowledge of the nature of Kabbalah and the Phoenicians.It is this symbiosis of knowledge and appeared well-known square of Pythagoras, which helps people not only to get to know themselves, to disclose not only strong, but also the weaknesses of character, but also in a way to predict the future and if possible to avoid negativity.

About calculations

It is said that many people have heard that there is a square of Pythagoras.How to calculate it - that's the first question.However, I want to say that any problems in the calculations should not be.It is now want to elaborate on this, describing a clear sequence of actions.

  1. on a piece of paper it is necessary to write a complete date of birth is required to in the figures (the letters in the calculations just do not need).
  2. necessary to add up all the numbers that are written on a piece of paper (the numbers, not the number, it is very important!) - It will be the first number (it will be a two-digit).
  3. To determine the second number, you must add up all the digits of the first number.
  4. find the third number will be a bit more complicated: the first found of the number you subtract the date of birth, which in this case is multiplied by two.
  5. If necessary, the third number is necessary to cause a monosyllabic mind: it is necessary to have well-known action: add up the number of digits.This will be the fourth number.

Example calculations

So, what is the square of Pythagoras?It may seem that calculate it quite difficult, looking at only one sequence of actions.Who would like to give an example of the calculations in order to make it easier to figure out it was all over.

  1. Let human birth date is as follows: 08.22.1987.
  2. Doing simple math: 2 + 2 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 37. This is the first required number.
  3. To get the second number should be reduced first to a unique sight: 3 + 7 = 10;1 + 0 = 1.
  4. We are looking for the third number: 37 - (22 * 2) = 37 - 44 = - 7.
  5. fourth number is added: 7 again (if it was more than 10, it would have to result in asingle-valued form).

nuances in the calculations

So, it became clear that the work is now in numerology - the square of Pythagoras.How to calculate it, it seems to be sorted out, but it should be said that in this case there may be some issues and nuances.So, what can go at first glance, not so?

  1. possible that the first and second numbers are the same.That's okay, because there are times when it is the first number is unique.
  2. When calculating the number of the third deuce - a constant factor, which does not change.
  3. FAQ on the third number: it is often the result is negative.This is also nothing wrong, just to work will need to take the same number, but without the "minus" sign.
  4. If the third number-one came, it would be equal to a quarter.

definitely need numbers

So, all the calculations are made, you now need to try to make myself square of Pythagoras.Pre-need to select two rows desired numbers.

  1. First row - is the date of birth: 2281987.
  2. second row - all obtained by calculating the number: 37-1-7-7.

So, all the numbers are calculated, you can now try to make myself square.In form, it will be 3x3 cell table, which must accommodate the numbers from 1 to 9 will be important that it is necessary to read the table columns rather than lines, we are more familiar.Iein the first column will be placed the numbers 1, 2, 3 from the top down, in the second - 4, 5, 6 and downwards in the third - 7, 8, 9. Zeros in the table should not be, however they just need to miss.So now these cells have to insert all the numbers that are placed in two rows found - date of birth and calculate the elements.All units must be made in the first cell, all of the second of two (as described above, it is the second in the first column), and so on, up to nine.If certain numbers in the ranks of earlier no, just a cell is blank, you can write the word "no."That's all, Pythagoras Square "square of Pythagoras" is ready, an example of the previously calculated series is shown below.










Square fully compiled, you can now proceed to the interpretation of what is depicted there.

How to decipher Pythagoras?

Thus, we have completely made the square of Pythagoras by date of birth, and now you must correctly "read" everything that was encrypted.I want to say that the more numbers in one cell, the greater the influence of numbers on destiny and the life of man.

first cell

consider the square of Pythagoras.What does the first cell?So, it is a person's character and the awareness of what is happening around him.If the calculations received only one unit - is an inveterate egoist.In this case, - two of them.This person is close to selfishness, she likes to be appreciated, afraid to be undervalued.Three units say docile nature, four - that strong-willed person.Five units of the dictator and tyrant determined, and six - a hard man, who, however, for a loved one makes even the impossible.

second cell

What does deuces in the box?This bio-energy person.If deuces in the calculations were not available, it means that a person is open to receive this energy itself.Such individuals often like the old stuff, no problem communicating with others and are brought up by their nature.A deuce indicates that human life is not enough energy.Such individuals often feel atmospheric changes, as required.Two twos - people with plenty of bioenergy can treat other people.Three deuces often have good psychics or people who have well-developed sixth sense.Four Deuces in Pythagoras Square human and attract people of the opposite sex.

third cell

third cell will talk about how a decent man and neat by nature.

  • No triples - punctual and clean person, but sees all around him the negative nuances.
  • one triple - the order followed by mood.
  • Two Three - people tend to sciences, cleanly.
  • three three - high propensity for self-learning, with fanaticism monitor the cleanliness.

fourth cell

Defines human health.

  • Lack fours - a person can get sick very often (especially if there are a lot of twos in the calculations).
  • one four - a man will not hurt too much from time to time, no more than the others.
  • two fours - a man of good health and increased sexuality.
  • three fours - the same as that of the three, however, more than doubled.

fifth cell

fifth cell will talk about how well a person has developed intuition.

  • No fives - channel open person at birth.These people will all seek in life, all try "to the tooth" and are always experimenting in thought.Often such people quite difficult to get along.
  • One Five - these people make few mistakes in life.
  • two fives - such people have highly developed intuition.
  • three five - it's almost clairvoyant, rarely make mistakes, all anticipating.
  • four five - true clairvoyants, they often feel not only what is happening in this world, but also in the other.

sixth cell

consider further the square of Pythagoras by date of birth.What say, six in the Pythagoras?This is the determinant of the so-called earthing man.

  • No sixes - these people acquire the craft, where necessary physical labor, but much work do not like.
  • One Six - People mundane, but they can learn well.
  • two sixes - a very grounded, likes physical work.
  • three sixes - the sign of Satan.Such people are required, however, it feeds on the energy of your partner.Suck it, go to another person.
  • four sixes - such people are very much work, work hard physically.Very grounded.

seventh cell

Seven talks about how a person touched the divine spark, whether he has talent.

  • No sevens - such people are born to make seven.Their life is often hard, often come to religion.
  • One Seven - the talent is there, but he softly pronounced.Above that you can work to change the situation.
  • two sevens - a strong sign angelopodobiya.If you develop the talent, you can achieve a lot.For such people, there are no closed doors.
  • Three sevens - a special sign.These people have come to earth for a short while.Often in old age, they are paralyzed.
  • Four Seven - a sign of an angel.Such people, if you do not die in infancy, often at risk.


cell This cell will talk about how a person have a sense of duty.

  • No eights - if a person took something, not in a hurry to give.
  • One - developed sense of duty.
  • Two eight - a very strong sense of duty.Such people tend to help everyone, can not refuse anyone.
  • three eights talk about that man sent to earth to serve others.
  • Four - such people are born with the knowledge of the exact sciences, have psychic abilities.

Ninth cell

As regards the latter, the ninth cell, it determines a person's mind.

  • No nines - man void of understanding nature.
  • One Nine - need to develop the second nine, to consider himself a clever man.
  • Two dozens - such people are intelligent from birth to love to learn.
  • Three - such people are born smart, but do not like to learn, becausethey are given a lot by itself.
  • Four nines - people sharp mind, but often they are rude and unmerciful.


It should be said that it is also possible to calculate the compatibility of the square of Pythagoras.So, this will be sure to make both members of a pair of Pythagoras, but there will need to look at how people look.To do this, not only to view every single cell, but also columns, rows and diagonals.Is it important to know?Lines:

  1. first line - the line ends.You need to look at how many numbers in this line a couple.Up to three - such people often change their goals, from three to six - enough purposeful, more than six - for the purposes of people willing to go even to the victim.
  2. second line - a family.Considering the square of Pythagoras, you can already calculate the compatibility of this one line.So, if a person up to three numbers in the second row, it is by nature not a family, for it is not important family values.Three to six numbers - these people value family relationships, more than six - they idealize them.Already only for these indicators can be concluded as the pair fit together.
  3. Habits.It is also an important point in terms of compatibility.So, people who in the third row of three numbers easily and without problems to change their habits, from three to six - difficult to adapt, more than six - pedantic and do not like even the slightest violation of the order, with such people difficult to get along.

Looking Pythagoras square, you can also calculate the compatibility and columns.

  1. first column - self esteem.Up to three numbers - the lowest, from three to six - normal, six - high self-esteem (with such people seriously in marriage).
  2. second - a column of material prosperity.Up to three numbers - such people can not and do not want to earn money, from three to six - good at providing a family of six and above - such people have become obsessed with money.Looking
  3. square of Pythagoras (the calculation of which is fully carried out), we should also pay attention to the third column in the Pythagoras Square.So, it is an indicator of human talent.Up to three numbers - a man appears weak talent, from three to six - strong talent, bursting out of six and up - these people are gifted, abilities are obvious.

studying square of Pythagoras, compatibility of couples, you can also view and diagonally, wanting to make sure how people approach each other.

  1. first diagonal - passion.Up to three numbers - the people are quiet, with a weak temperament.Three to six - person temperamental and passionate, from six and up - too strong temperament, which often finds a way to work.According to these indicators, people can infer how they fit together.
  2. second diagonal - faith.Up to three numbers - such people are very few people, and what they believe, from three to six - people of faith and often superstitious, six and up - often religious fanatics.