A common misconception: yellow roses - the symbol of sadness?

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give flowers for holidays, on solemn occasions and for no reason at all - a long tradition, originating from the dark ages.In an era of gallant century it was composed entire treatises on what flowers have a particular value, to whom and when they should be present.Of course, the most popular and favorite flower was always a rose.However, the beauty of the solar colors are out of luck: the general rumor began to attribute her sad properties declaring a symbol of misfortune, separation and grief.Let's try to dispel these superstitions!

History of

Yellow roses were considered a sign of betrayal and sadness after the fame acquired one of the ancient oriental legends.She tells us that one day Muhammad, the greatest prophet, went to war against the infidels.His young wife, Aisha, made a vow that will not even look at the other men, do not conceive of anyone until her husband is not around.However, a woman's heart is weak.Legend has it that fascinated the young Persian wife of the Prophet, and a terrible oath was broken.Or just in the palace she had enemies ... In any case, when Muhammad returned home, cunning courtiers immediately reported the scandalous news.The wrath of the prophet was terrible.But, as Aisha in every way to defend themselves, the husband ordered to quit the palace fountain of scarlet rose.And if it will change the color, then the fact of treason confirmed.From scarlet rose became yellow.Of course, Aisha has found a way to protect themselves.However, it has since yellow rose symbol of grief, betrayal, evil and personify.Only now should you believe it?

Light my rosette, say ...

yellow color has many shades and tones - from lemon yellow, golden to orange and dark honey color.Bright, festive, sunny, it belongs to the group of "hot" and elevates mood, helps fight depression, just happy.Therefore, yellow roses to give to whom they presented a large positive energy and optimism.After all, we are glad the sun's rays, which make their way through the clouds, meaning an end to bad weather!It symbolizes a bouquet and caring, attention and support.He looks, by the way, very impressive.In addition, employees allegedly perfume production, namely yellow roses some specially bred varieties are particularly rich in aromatic substances, essential oils and more valuable, high-quality than the roses of other colors.

Why give yellow roses more, so it's to all sorts of official celebrations to mark the success of colleagues at work, or to emphasize their pride for a loved one who has reached great heights in professional activities.If we talk about personal relationships, it is considered that their golden color is able to soften the old scores and restore the old warm feelings.Moreover, yellow roses symbolize love, but ardent passion of youth, and the sensual, mature, strong, good consecrated fire of the family hearth.

Flowers & Culture

symbolism of yellow, including roses, is present in the cultures of many peoples.If you recall the work of Carlos Castaneda, the heroes of his works, the ancient Toltecs, is associated with yellow roses express friendship, world harmony, life itself as the beginning of the creative something new.Through them come to an initiate of the testimony, they mark the connection of the soul with the Cosmos, in other worlds, will and spirit as the fundamental qualities of the person.

in Japan yellow roses also given a special, honorable place.It is believed that if they grow in their garden or give to someone in the house necessarily comes the sun, light and goodness.