The value of the name Charlotte: personality and character

Now, many parents want their children to call loudly, beautiful and unusual.Under this feature is excellent woman's name Charlotte.It sounds very elegant.But before you call so the child, you must know the value of the name of Charlotte, because many people believe that in this way it is possible to predetermine the fate of a man!

origin of the name

This name - it is a derivative of the male Charles.In turn, Charles comes from the ancient German Karl.In ancient German noun "Carl" means "man free, the king" (similar to Charlemagne).In Russian, the word later contributed to the formation of the term "dwarf" within the meaning of the little man.Now Charlotte - the name, the origin of which does not carry no mystery and has a transfer value of "free."

¬ęCharlotte" is pronounced in each country in its own way.The girl with the same name in England, called Charlotte, Sheryl and Charlene.In the Netherlands, called short Charlotte - Charlotte or Charlotte.In southern Europe, it would be called Carla and Carola.The analogue named Charlotte in the rest of Europe - Carolina.

General Description name, its value

girls being named, always purposeful and energetic.They are committed to leadership.Charlotte is making plans for life, over which works hard, she knows what she wants to achieve.This girl is always beautiful and attractive, is a success at men, but prefers a stable and reliable relationship.For her, it is very important spiritual unity gain if it does not work - the family takes a back seat to a career.In this case, the girl, bearing the name Charlotte, fully take issues such as the rise of the career ladder, higher wages, power.Such people do not like hard physical work, preferring the creative direction of activity.Health Charlotte has a strong, unique weak in its place - the lungs.Useful are frequent walks in the fresh air, exercise and oatmeal for breakfast.

value named Charlotte, her character

All Charlotte focused on energy embodied in the life plans, dating back to childhood.She is convinced that he knows people see through them, and therefore believes it can manage without problems and become a leader in any society.Only when Charlotte succeed in a career, build a family and build a life, she will be able to find yourself completely satisfied.However, if the work will cover it before love interest, there is a risk that the family relationship and it will not be interested.Charlotte quickly loses interest in his family and feminine.The value named Charlotte also includes the absence of greed and envy.Such girls othodchivy and friendly.

Childhood Charlotte

a child Charlotte unusually active, perky, happy and cheerful.Parents will be difficult to get her for lessons, or other peaceful occupations requiring great concentration.The girl does not like to engage in a long period of time the same thing, it needs diversity.Constant desire to change impressions often plays a cruel joke with the girl, making it difficult to do well in school.Charlotte Sometimes even enters the lists on subjects underachieving students.From a young age the girl is shown thrust to the conceit, parents have to fight all the forces with this unpleasant trait.Even the meaning of the name Charlotte talks about the presence of such features.If parents do not think about this time, the adult Charlotte will be difficult to get along in any collective.


Charlotte, with a good figure and thin, somewhat aristocratic features, always has a lot of male fans.Men are drawn to her and for her love ready to commit all sorts of crazy things.But she is proud, moreover, at a young age windy and amorous.The betrayal of the young man for it is not a problem.This will continue as long as Charlotte did not meet his true and only love.Married women with the same name, as a rule, later, but are the only great love of other reasons to join the Union can not be here.However, the husbands of these women are all my life in turmoil and doubt, and will not turn away from them if the second half.Most often, Charlotte chooses life companions in a quiet, calm man.He has to be patient and ready to compromise and make all possible share of the family budget.Golden Mountains from her husband, Charlotte never ask, she would try to get them yourself.A perfect husband will be a man named Carl, Dmitry, Oleg Fedor.Charlotte is incompatible with men bearing the names of Jan, Leo, Matthew, Basil.

Career Charlotte

What is the name of Charlotte, we have found now time to understand what the woman at work.Where is it better to try their hand?

By nature girl has a high artistic taste, it can literally feel the beauty and harmony of the world.That is why it is most suitable for various professions creative orientation.Charlotte leaves a great interior designer, architect, graphic designer, or landscaper.Often, women with the same name are well-known artist.

addition to the love of art, Charlotte has a craving for managing people and build a brilliant career.It can become a successful business woman, if not lazy.This woman will be able to solve complex problems is very non-standard methods, and therein lies its success.