Manager - a multi-faceted profession.

Manager - this is quite an extensive trade, having a plurality of derivatives.For example, there is a taxi service operators, air traffic controllers, specialists in cargo.There are even managers who work at home.Although these professionals have a lot in common in their work, the differences that do exist, make every area in its own way unique.

Therefore, to understand how relevant profession manager, which of the areas most in demand in today's world, analyze them separately.

Who is the manager?

Manager - a link between the organization providing certain services, and the client.Implements he remotely through telephone or Internet connection.It is also the responsibility of the Manager include the optimization of the workflow: the selection of a suitable transport route calculation, the search for the required information and event monitoring.

In general Manager - a universal employee who works equally well with both clients and personnel of the company.

Basic requirements for dispatcher

First of all, a good specialist must have excellent diction, because without it, interact with customers will be quite difficult.Therefore, it is her first draws attention to the employer in hiring.

Next in order is the skill to communicate.It is not enough to have good rhetoric, we must also be able to choose the right words.After all, the manager often arise conflicts to be solved peacefully.Moreover, without such qualities are very difficult to find a common language with the staff, to give advice and guidance.

Also important is the knowledge of the PC, because in today's world, most transactions runs through it.The rest of the requirements for the manager can change the particular selected direction.Therefore, we consider the most popular quality manager.


taxi cab operator - one of the most popular specialists in this field, as in almost any, even small town has such an organization.Requirements for the dispatchers are small: diction, communication skills and knowledge of the city.As for education, it will suit any technical or higher.

have the particular advantage of a woman with a beautiful and gentle voice, because according to psychology, it is easier to attract and, more importantly, to keep the client.As for the rest, a severe selection is not carried out, and the basic skills can be obtained in the process.

Manager freight

As for the operator working with cargo transportation, everything is much more complicated.After all, in addition to the standard set, and added additional responsibilities related to the organization of transport.

transportation manager must not only take orders, but also skillfully find a suitable vehicle that can accommodate the required load.Calculate the shortest route, in order to save on fuel, but do not forget about those areas of the city, where the entry of freight transport is strictly forbidden.

some organizations in charge of such a specialist as part of the search for new customers, but it is not enough just to leave the room controller in the network.We must constantly look for new ads, phone calls to various firms and chat with regular customers.

Air Traffic Controller

To become an air traffic controller, you must obtain a specialized higher education, because unlike the other areas, the level of risk is much higher.In aviation, the dispatcher - the eyes and ears of the pilot, and on which decisions are made by this expert, depends on how successfully pass the entire flight.

But increased demands are paid properly.Yes, and also air traffic controllers are retiring much earlier than their peers.

Manager freelance

Manager at home (freelance operator) - a relatively young professional in our country, but it's worth noting this activity is rapidly gaining momentum.The bottom line is that a person does not need to go to the office to work, you need to have on hand the phone and internet access.Most often, these specialists are gaining in various online shops, large firms with an extensive network of deliveries, fast food outlets, restaurants, and so on.

This business is profitable both for the employer and for the most expert.So, first you do not need to pay for office rent, and the second may be time at its sole discretion, in addition to a cozy spot for him.The main thing - to check on the reliability of his employer, as in the case of fraud will be difficult to find, relying only on the link site or mobile number.