Short ancient Greek myth of children

amazing people - Greeks (as they called themselves), came to the Peloponnese peninsula and colonized it.In ancient times, people all tried to live close to the river-nurse.But in Greece there were no large rivers.That became Greeks maritime nation - they were fed the sea.Courageous, inquisitive, they built the ships and sailed the stormy Mediterranean Sea, trading and building on its shores and islands of the settlement.They were also pirates, and the profit received not only on trade but also on the robbery.These people have traveled a lot, seen the life of other peoples, and they created myths and legends of gods and heroes.The short Greek myth has become a national tradition of folklore.He used to narrate some of the events that happened to those who behaved improperly, deviating from accepted norms.And usually this story was very instructive.

Alive whether the Greek gods and heroes?

Yes and no.They no worship, nor sacrifice, do not come into their sanctuary, asking for advice.But every short Greek myth save lives and gods and heroes.In these stories, time stood still and did not move, but the characters are fighting, are active, hunting, fighting, trying to trick the gods and talking among themselves.They live.Gods of the Greeks soon began to represent in the form of people, only more beautiful, more capable and endowed with incredible quality.

For example, a short Greek myth of Zeus, the chief deity, can tell us how high on the bright Olympus, surrounded by their willful, rebellious family, seated Zeus on high golden throne and claims to the land of the procedure and its harsh laws.So far, everything is calm, the gods feasting.Daughter of Zeus, young Hebe, brings them ambrosia and nectar.Laughing, joking, holding eagle food, it can also shed nectar to earth, and he poured out a short warm summer rain.

But suddenly angry Zeus, furrowed his thick eyebrows, and that the gray storm clouds closed the clear sky.Thunder, lightning flashed fire.It shakes not only the land, but Olympus.

happiness and unhappiness, Zeus sends people, drawing them from two different pitchers.It helps his daughter Dike.She watches for justice, truth and protects does not tolerate lies.Zeus - the guarantor of a fair trial.He - the last to whom the gods, and the people go for justice.And in the case of war, Zeus never interferes - in battle and bloodshed, there can be no justice.But there on the Olympus of the goddess of good fortune - Tyche.From the cornucopia, the horn goat Amalthea, who was suckled Zeus, she pours gifts of happiness to people.But how rarely it happens!

So, keeping order in the whole Greek world, dominating the good and evil, eternally reigns Zeus.He is alive?Short ancient Greek myth says that he was alive.

What causes love only themselves

Never get tired of the modern man to explore the ancient Greek myths.Read short stories, wondering how deep meaning they contain, just interesting and exciting.Let us turn to the next myth.

handsome Narcissus saw only himself worthy of love.Not for what he did not pay attention, but admired and admired him.But unless this is the valor and virtue of man?His life should bring joy, not grief to many.And Narcissus can not help but stare at his reflection: fatal passion for his eaten themselves.

He does not notice the beauty of the world: the dew on the flowers, the hot rays of the sun, the beautiful nymph, longing for friendship with him.Narcissus stop and eat and drink, and feels the approach of death.But he's so young and beautiful, not afraid, and waiting for her.And, leaning on an emerald carpet of grass, quietly dying.So punish Narcissus Aphrodite.According to the Greeks, the gods are just more likely to help a person when he goes to meet his death.But why live Narcissus?He does not happy, nobody did anything good.But on the banks of the creek, where admiring a handsome selfish rose beautiful spring flower that gives happiness to all people.

about love winning stone

Our life consists of love and mercy.Another short Greek myth tells the story of the brilliant sculptor Pygmalion, who carved out of ivory white beautiful girl.It was so good, so superior to the beauty of the daughters of men, that the Creator every minute admired her and wanted her to stone cold became warm, alive.

Pygmalion wanted to she could talk to him.Oh, how they were sitting, leaning their heads together and confiding secrets.But she was cold.Then the festival of Aphrodite Pygmalion decided to pray to the goddess of love, mercy.When he returned home, he saw that the statue of the dead blood flowed in his veins and his eyes lit up life and kindness.So happiness entered into the house of the creator.This short story tells that true love overcomes all obstacles.

dream of immortality, or something ends deception

Greek Myths and legends begin studying in primary school.Interesting and exciting ancient Greek myths.Read 3 class short and entertaining, instructive and tragic history of the school curriculum should be.These are the myths of proud Niobe, a rebellious Icarus, about the accident and about Adonis deceiver Sisyphus.

All the characters yearn for immortality.But it can give only the gods themselves if they want to.The gods are capricious and malevolent - everybody knows Allyn.And Sisyphus, king of Corinth, was very rich and cunning.He guessed that he was a deity of death will come soon, and ordered to seize it and put in chains.Gods released their messenger, and Sisyphus had to die.But he cheated, he told himself not to bury the funeral and bring sacrifices to the gods.His sly soul asked for a white light that is still alive to persuade the victim to bring the rich.Sisyphus again believe and let go, but the good will he had not returned to the underworld.

Eventually the gods were very angry, and he appointed a special punishment: to show the futility of all human effort, he had a huge stone wheel in the mountain, and then this boulder rolled down the other side.This is repeated every day, thousands of years and still: a divine institution no one can handle.A spoof simply wrong.

About pry

disobedience and curiosity about ancient Greek myths are short stacked for children and adults.

Zeus grew angry at the people and decided to "bestow" their evil.For this handyman-ordered Hephaestus to create the most beautiful girl in the world.Aphrodite gave her ineffable charm, Hermes - thin quirky mind.The gods revived her and called Pandora, which translates as "endowed with all the gifts."They marry her to a quiet dignified man.He stood in the house tightly closed.Everyone knew that it is filled with sorrows and troubles.But Pandora is not confused.

sly when no one saw, he took off his cap!And all the misery of the world instantly flew out of it: disease, poverty, stupidity, strife, turmoil, war.When Pandora saw what she had done, it was terrified and speechless waited until all the evils released.And then, as if in a fever, she slammed the door.And what is left at the bottom?The last - hope.That's just it-the Pandora and deprived people.Therefore, humanity no hope.It is only necessary to act and to fight for good.

Myth and Modernity

If anyone known to modern man is quite good, it is the gods and heroes of Greece.The legacy of this nation is multi-faceted.One of the masterpieces - the ancient Greek myths, short.Author Kun Nikolay Albertovich - historian, professor, teacher, but as far as he knew and loved Hellas!What myths with all the details conveyed to our times!Therefore, we read a lot of Kuna today.Greek myths - the source of inspiration for all the generations of artists and creators.