13 unexpected ways to use ordinary Coke

Who would have thought how useful can be done with conventional banks over the familiar Coke:


With cola can obtain high-quality compost.

2.Raskruchivaem rusted bolts

If you can not loosen the rusted bolt, then pour on it a little bit of cola and leave it for a while.

3.Razmorazhivaem windshields

Thaw glass covered with ice, it will also help this versatile drink.

4.Oblegchenie stomach pain

The next time you begin nauseated, try to drink a little cola without gas.Some doctors actually recommend against Coke gastric phytobezoars (Bezoars - foreign body in the stomach as a result of being hit with food components such that it can not digest).

5.Udalyaem blood and grease stains from clothing

Use Coke to soak things in a washing machine or in the sink.This drink is great reduces blood stains and grease from clothes.

6.Blestyaschie coins

If you soak the old coins in Coca-Cola for the night, the next morning they will shine!


In India farmers use a Coke in the fight against various pests.

8.Izbavlyaemsya from adhering to the base of the hair or gum

If you stepped on chewing gum, then just pour a little on the sole Coca-Cola, and then scrape off the gum with a knife.

The same applies to the hair, just be careful with the sharps.

9.Osvetlitel hair

If coloring your hair color is too dark, use a Coke, as it is able to lighten your hair to a tone!

10.Delaem curls

To achieve perfectly separated curls pour jar stale Coke on the hair and wait a few minutes before you wash your hair.

11.Chistim car batteries

Coca-Cola is an excellent tool for the removal of rust and oxidation on the battery terminals because of it contains acid.

12.Chisty pool

Fill two liters of cola (for mid-size suburban swimming pool) in the pool and wait for the water filter out.

13.Sozdaem vintage photos

should dip your photo in a bowl with Coca-Cola and give her a little soak.Once the picture is dry, it will have more aged look.

Articles Source: list25.com