Nakhimov Medal - analogue combined arms naval award "For Service in Battle"

spring penultimate year of the Great Patriotic War were fighting awards, notes the contribution to the battle against fascism of seafarers of all ranks and grades from the rank and file-sailors to admirals.For rewarding sergeants, sailors and warrant officers targeted Medal of Ushakov and Nakhimov medal.Officers and Admirals were awarded the Order of the same name two degrees.

Junior Sea reward

decree establishing the marine awards of the USSR came out March 2, 1944, but the issue of the special - Navy - up awards in the past.The initiative belonged to the famous Soviet admiral, USSR People's Commissar of the Navy Nikolai Kuznetsov Gerasimovitch.He is reported to Stalin about the feasibility of the establishment of awards and medals commemorating the great Russian naval commanders, in the middle of 1943, it was possible to implement the idea in the spring of next year.

operations of the Navy to fight the enemy fleet at sea, part of coastal artillery battery in the defense of the coastal cities, heroic battalions of Marines in combat on the ground - all highly valued the Soviet high command, led to hatred of the Soviet seamen Nazis and created them famethe people.Stalin was aware of the great contribution of seafarers in the fight against the fascist invasion, therefore supported the idea of ​​the special maritime awards.Nakhimov Medal was the youngest among the four established award marks, but especially appreciate not only the sailors and petty officers, and officers.


As of the basis for awarding the Medal of Nakhimov were skillful and enterprising action on the successful fulfillment of tasks and connections ships of the Navy and the marine part of the frontier troops in a combat situation.Nakhimov Medal considered analogous Combined Arms medal "For Military Merit" and enjoyed such respect.

not contrary to the awarding of the Medal of Nakhimov those who served in other military branches.Could it be awarded and civilians.Awarded the Medal of Nakhimov soldiers and sergeants of infantry, artillery and other ground forces particularly appreciate cooperation in the battle with the ships and Marines.They believed her communion to the legendary maritime fraternity.

Admiral NG Kuznetsov said that awarded military medals naval officers were proud of them as much more important on the status of orders.Is awarded for bravery and courage in fighting Medal Nakhimov was a reliable indication of the personal courage of the person wearing any military rank.

Pavel Nakhimov

Constituted in 1944, fighting sea award - the Medal and the Order of Nakhimov - bear the name of one of the most legendary Russian naval commanders.Pavel Nakhimov was born into a poor aristocratic family in 1802.Deciding to devote his life to military service at sea, he entered the Naval Cadet Corps.After his graduation traveled around the world, he distinguished himself in the naval battle with the Turks at Navarino Bay, commanded by the legendary ship - a frigate "Pallada" and "Navarino".

the beginning of the Crimean War in 1853, Nakhimov was vice admiral in command of a large squadron of the Black Sea Fleet, has a great reputation at the command I respected the lower ranks, had a great combat experience.All this enabled him to win his most important victory - at Sinop.This was the last battle of warships sailing in which the Russian squadron under the leadership of Nakhimov through bold and skillful actions of November 18, 1853 completely destroyed the main forces of the Turkish fleet.

After blocking the Anglo-French forces and the death of Sevastopol Admiral VA Kornilov Nakhimov was the head of the troops defending the city until 28 June 1855, when he was mortally wounded on the Malakhov Hill.

Description medals

to sketch the development of new awards Admiral Kuznetsov has attracted a whole group of artists under the direction of the Mariners kaperanga BM Khomich.It was attended by N. Volkov, AL Diodorus and architect MA Shepilevsky.They were created by the project and the Order of the Medal of Ushakov, Nakhimov orders and medals.Photos of these distinctions show samples of their highest medal art.

only reward the Great Patriotic War, made of bronze - medal Nakhimov - a disc diameter of 36 mm, through the eyelet soldered ring connected to the block, covered with a strip of moire.Colour it contains marine motif collar - jack - three white stripes on a blue background.

The obverse - Profile Nakhimov, on either side along the top edge - raised letters: "Admiral Nakhimov" at the bottom - laurel branches, separated by a five-pointed star, edging along the edges - a tactile dot.The downside - the expressive composition of a sailboat image, framed in a circle rope imposed on two anchors connected by a chain, a circle - convex point.


During the war years produced about 13 thousand awards this distinction.Nakhimov Medal was part of the existing state awards until 2010 and left its mark in the glorious history of the Russian fleet.