Interventionists - is the organizer or party interference in the affairs of a sovereign state .The Civil War and military intervention in Russia

"interventionist" - a word that meets periodically now, but it is particularly well-known in Russia during the Civil War.Interventionist is someone who carries out an intervention.The meaning of this term discussed below.

What is intervention?

From the point of view of international law meaning of the term may not always be clearly indicated.With the intervention of the Latin language is translated as "interference".What is meant?It may be political, military, economic, or informational intervention of one country or a few countries in the internal and external affairs of another country in violation of its independence.Until now, in relation to some of the events have not developed a firm position as to whether or not their intervention.One thing is certain: foreign military intervention acts of aggression and an act condemned by international law as an unlawful act.

Types of intervention

The most common military intervention - is a direct invasion of one or more states in the territory of another country.Also, there are diplomatic, economic, information, humanitarian intervention.Very interesting is the last kind, since it is quite rare.More specifically, the humanitarian intervention in its purest form - an extremely rare phenomenon.Most often it is mixed and serves as part of a violent intervention in the affairs of another country.

In XX century the scale of open and disguised (hidden) intervention are of such magnitude that the United Nations adopted in 1965. The declaration, which speaks of the inadmissibility of interference someone else in the affairs of an independent state.

However, this document can not affect the fact that many countries still hidden intervention, which manifests itself in the form of the financing of terrorist and anti-government groups, organize rebellions, overthrow the legitimate government, the civil war, infiltration of spies and militants, attracting the media to incandescent environmentin the country.From this perspective, interventionist - it's not the only one who openly trying to influence another country, but also operates covertly in this direction.

forms of foreign interference

intervention can take many forms.The main ways of influence and interference in the affairs of another sovereign state are:

  • armed intervention - the most aggressive form of intervention;
  • diplomatic pressure on other countries;
  • use of the media to destabilize the situation and aggravate tension;
  • coup or civil war;
  • capital export dumping, loans on unfavorable terms for the other countries.

It is also not always possible to say exactly what a country intervenes in another State, as proved, for example, involvement in the coup or insurrection is often impossible.

meaning of "interventionist"

All dictionaries and encyclopedias given virtually the same definition of the term.Interventionists - is the one who interferes in the affairs of one or more sovereign states.Also called interventionist individual taking part in a violent intervention in the affairs of another country.

civil war and foreign intervention

For residents of Russian word "interventionist" primarily due to the heavy years of civil war.It began almost immediately after coming to power of the Bolshevik Party in 1917.Within five years, until 1923, numerous groups and social strata tried to resolve arisen between the sharp contradictions.This bloody confrontation was a natural result of the severe political and economic crisis that began in Russia in the early XX century.

interventionists in the Civil War in Russia - it is the Entente, who were allies of the Russian Empire and were not going to recognize the young Soviet power.By and large, each of them pursuing their own selfish goals.For example, Germany, which the leadership of the Bolsheviks to make a separate armistice demanded as a condition for the conclusion of peace resource-rich Russia.Turkey together with Germany invaded the Caucasus, which had a strategic interest for her.As a result of the invasion of Georgia has to make peace with Turkey.

other European members of the Entente - Britain, France and Italy - were extremely interested in the destruction of the Bolshevik regime.Especially feared the influence of communism, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who saw him as a threat to the world.

to start in 1917 the Entente countries to recognize the government of the regions of Russia, who rebelled against the Soviet regime.It was decided not only to maintain contact with them, and to allocate financial aid in the form of loans.After that, the Allies divided the spheres of influence of the military in Russia.Thus, the United Kingdom had to act in the Caucasus, the United States and Japan (who also joined the Allies in the Entente) - take Far East and Siberia, and went to France, Ukraine and Crimea.

In the spring of 1918 in Murmansk landed British marines.Then Vladivostok and Arkhangelsk troops were brought in Japan, the US and Britain.Czechoslovak Corps, formed in the years of the First World War, joined the French army and was to be transferred to Europe to continue the war with Germany.However, there was an uprising, and the body parts scattered across the country, began to fight against the forces of the Red Army.

Foreign intervention negatively affected during the civil war and led to the fact that it lasted for several years.

In conclusion

So interventionist - is the organizer or party interference in the affairs of a sovereign state in any manner that is contrary to international law.