The first conversation on the phone with a potential employer

Standard situation - you have to see for yourself the right job, of course, decided to call the employer, but stops suddenly confused.Indeed, the first phone call is no less important than meeting with the head.

course, sometimes call the applicant - a mere formality.The recruiter will ask a name, age and immediately offered to come to the office or enterprise.However, sometimes such a conversation is a full interview and its results can significantly affect the way you get the job or not.Work attitude

So aside extraneous things (do not talk to the personnel officer, lying on the couch with a book and even more staring at the TV), ask your loved ones do not bother you.Prepare a notebook, take a pen and put it before the eyes of the vacancy announcement.Remember: if it states the contact person is dialing, refer to the other party by name and explain on what exactly the position applying for, because the organization can not be free one position.To avoid awkward pauses in the conversation, and keep close to your own resume - excitement necessary facts and figures might fly out of my head, and personnel officer wrongly interpret your hitch.All

hand?Gathering her courage?Then call!How to build a conversation

Usually this interview takes five to ten minutes, so you should have time to inform themselves about the information confirming that you are the best suited for this job.Of course, do not blurt patter into the phone all that relates to your experience and professionalism.It is better to provide the initiative HR manager, he probably developed a certain scheme of communication with candidates, so give him a chance to figure out what they need, and tell you about the company and the position that it sees fit.

phone interview - the first stage of selection, during which eychar deliberately seeks to weed out unsuitable candidates.Typically, recruiters are interested in basic biographical facts and core competencies of the applicant.So, you have a chance to talk about their major achievements, to focus on the points that represent you as an employee in the most favorable light.

During an interview with an expert on recruiting, not only seeks to understand the suitability of candidates for the position, but also evaluates how a person on the other end of the building a dialogue.Because clearly be prepared to answer questions.No need to chattering, or, conversely, mumble, watch your tone (by the way, experts say that talk is generally better standing - it allows you to speak louder and more confident).What to ask

Once you answer the questions a recruiter, he probably will ask you to specify your own.

First, be sure to find out everything about the upcoming duties (unless, of course, they are not described in detail in the text of the ad).This will allow you to understand whether the vacancy you as interesting as it seemed at first glance.In addition, you will demonstrate your professionalism: the man who first drew attention to the nature and specificity of activity on HR makes a favorable impression.

Second, find out what kind of company is your prospective employer (at the end of the conversation, you can search the Internet responses about the organization, visit the official website to get the most useful information).

Third specify moments that are not reflected in the text of the job, such as working hours, the location of the company, the scale of its activities, and so forth. Finally, ask about a payment (for example, when the announcement stated "by arrangement", "based on the resultsinterviews "and so on. n.).Ignore this issue is not necessary, but it is better to reserve it for the final interview.

If you do not hear or did not understand, be sure to ask again, or verify, then to not be trapped.But do not interrupt manager, wait until he finished speaking.In general, observe the rules of etiquette, be correct and helpful.

If, after listening to you, the recruiter will ask you to come to the office, you can congratulate yourself with success, albeit small.So, at first glance, you meet the requirements of the vacancy, and your nominee is worthy of detailed consideration.But too early to relax - on the order of meeting with the head, and this is much more serious challenge.However, to prepare for it and adjust accordingly, you will surely manage.

Since you probably are interested in several jobs, during a conversation (or immediately upon its completion) try to capture all the information obtained from the manager of recruitment, then to avoid confusion.For example, take the position for each individual sheet in a notebook.Or, create a table in a text editor on your computer, for example, with these graphs, as the title, organization, address, functional schedule, notes (they may be noted the important details that will help in the future to recall the essence of the conversation), and so on. N.

successful employment!

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