Pennsylvania - State of the cornerstone .Interesting facts about Pennsylvania Cities

Pennsylvania on the map of the United States can be seen in the northeastern region of the state.The main industrial city is considered to Pittsburgh, a neighborhood which is very rich in huge deposits of various minerals.As of today, the state is one of the most developed regions in the entire country.

first Europeans

Pennsylvania - state, where the first settlers from Europe became the Dutch and Swedes.In 1681, the English Quaker William Penn received a gift from King Charles II large territory that was situated in the west side of the Delaware River.A year later he founded a colony, later became a refuge for Protestants and others who were persecuted for their faith.Some time later, William founded the city of Philadelphia, which eventually became one of the most developed in the United States.

civil war and independence

At a time when civil war was covered all of North America, Pennsylvania takes an active part in it, and found himself in the midst of the fighting.Where its representatives were on the side of "northerners".Many historians argue that the confrontation was the turning point in the battle, which took place near Gettysburg in July 1863 month.As a result of the battle were killed nearly 43,000 people from both sides.

In 1776 formally adopted the constitution of the state.At the same time in Philadelphia, during the Second Continental Congress, signed the Declaration of Independence.Eleven years later ratified and the Federal Constitution.Pennsylvania - the state, for which the post-war period was marked by the most rapid industrial and economic development, consolidation of the ruling government forces, as well as population growth compared to other regions.

Political Arrange

Local capital is Harrisburg.As it is home to about 530,000 residents.According to the current political arrange, Pennsylvania - state, which is managed by a bicameral parliament.It is composed of 50 deputies of the Legislative Assembly (they are re-elected every four years), and 203 the House of Representatives (they elect a new every two years).There is also a governor.His term of office is four years, with re-election to the post again, you can only once.It should be noted that since the fifties of the last century, "Republicans" and "democrats" are represented in the Parliament of Pennsylvania in approximately equal proportions.

judicial power in the region by the Supreme Court.It consists of a chairman and six members.They are elected for a period of ten years.In addition, the state is divided into 66 local individual districts.At the head of each of them is a council of three magistrates.


officially called the State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.So it is designated in all state documents and maps.The region has a reputation as an excellent place that is ideal for study, work and leisure.At the same time we must not forget that it is the birthplace of American independence.In this regard, quite common and almost became the second official one more name which has Pennsylvania - "the cornerstone of the state" (in other words, the "State Keystone┬╗).In that title lies a great love and respect for the citizens of the country to the region, which has played a major role in the victory of the American Revolution.

Pennsylvania today

As of today, Pennsylvania - a state that the United States is one of the most prosperous.Its population is more than twelve million people.This is the sixth figure in the country.The basis for the local economy is agriculture.Also it is quite developed industries such as high-tech manufacturing and mining.

State boasts a fairly low crime and unemployment, a high level of life of local citizens, as well as first-class health care and educational systems.All these aspects are entitled safely call Pennsylvania a great place for all kinds of activities and leisure.People feel comfortable and cozy in major metropolitan areas, and in small remote communities.

Sightseeing, tourism and leisure

largest and most developed metropolis that is Pennsylvania - Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.They are the largest industrial and port center of the region.There is nothing surprising in the fact that it was on their territory are concentrated most of the local attractions.With its rich history and beautiful landscape, the state annually attracts more than a million tourists.Before them opens the opportunity to visit about 120 Parks of national importance, and ten thousand square meters of forest.

One of the most interesting places for the travelers are known worldwide battlefield and Eisenhower House, located in Gettysburg.A separate line in the local economy and the history of wine can be identified.In this regard, a significant share of the tourism sector focuses on this aspect.For tourists who visit the state, provides a number of relevant routes.In addition, each year in the region's fairs and festivals that are dedicated to winemaking.

Interesting facts

Pennsylvania is the only state in the Mid-Atlantic United States, which has no outlet to the sea.Whatever it was, it did not prevent the region from becoming a major political and economic center of the state at the dawn of its existence.

in the North American region of the state has become one of the first where a law was passed concerning the release of slaves.This happened in 1790.

Pennsylvania motto sounds like "freedom, virtue and independence!".

In the US, each state has its own characters.For these are the Pennsylvania flower mountain laurel, Pennsylvania fish char and Firefly.Do not forget that it was here that inhabits the world famous groundhog, Phil predicting weather.