All the capitals of the world by continent

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As is known, the capital - is the main city in the country, which is the administrative and political center of a particular state.Capitals of the world tend to have all the basic judicial, parliamentary and government agencies.

Most often, this territorial unit is considered a separate federal district, and in almost every state constitution specifies its location.

How to choose the capital of the world?

this question in general quite difficult to answer unequivocally.There are several ways.Sometimes

capital can be allocated for status as an independent administrative or federal units, and sometimes - considered, as they say, on a general basis.Usually, it is the largest city in the country, but not always.There are countries where some of the city is much more of their capitals and geographical size, and the level of populations of.

And in history there are cases where the country for a long time could not definitely choose the capital city between the two, and even three settlements, so the process dragged on for years and even decades.

What is the provisional capital of the world?

appears on the political map of the world there, and this kind of territorial units.What is it, in fact, it turns out, even the capital of the major countries of the world may well be wearing such a status?

under this general concept means a temporary location functions of the capital in the city that the most secure, particularly in connection with the occupation of the country in the military or any other threat to the current capital, or for other reasons.

most famous temporary capital of the world

  • Kaunas. was founded in 1280.At the moment, this city in Lithuania occupies a solid second place, both economically and territorially value.Now it is an important cultural and industrial center.Its population is 400 thousand people.During its existence Kaunas seen a lot.In XIII-XV centuries, it was considered a strong and important protection and bulwark in the fight against the Teutons, in the XVI century was formed XV- as the biggest shopping center of the river.And in 1920, during the occupation of Poland in Vilnius, Kaunas was the temporary capital is recognized.
  • Tel Aviv. This city is today one of the largest cultural and economic centers of the country.When in 1948 it was proclaimed the creation of Israel - an independent state - Tel Aviv began its provisional capital.
  • Bonn. Those interested in a list of countries and capitals of the world, can not remember this wonderful German city.Today it is a rather large political center of Germany, which has the status and powers of the federal.In 1949, the provisional capital of Bonn recognized.She it was before 1991.And in 1991, after the two were reunited Germany, the capital was again declared Berlin.

European Capital of Culture

is unlikely someone decides to challenge the fact that the country and the capital, first of all, are associated in our minds with their sights.

Looking into history, you can see that in principle the initiative of the definition of cultural capital of Europe belongs to the European Union.It consists in the fact that every year choose a city cultural center of the continent.Therefore draws attention to the cultural progress of the region.What gives?Frankly, a lot.In addition to fame, thanks to the fact that this or that city elected to this role, for it is allocated additional funding.And this is a good reason to significantly improve the condition of cultural attractions, institutions, and various infrastructure.

What was the first cultural capital of the world?

In general, it should be noted that in this town is well deserved were proclaimed Athens.This happened in 1983.I propose this candidature to the Council of the European Union Milina Mercury, the then Minister of Culture of Greece.

What has been done?Firstly, in the city for the money to repair roads and established a transport interchange.For tourists disappeared problem with terrain orientation and movement of the Greek capital.At intersections and bus stops installed signage, maps and displays.Second, archaeologists have continued to study the Acropolis, which resulted in the most important historical discoveries are made.

On what grounds can be transferred to the capital?

Under the transfer of the capital to be understood transfer of functions from the main city of the state of one village to another.As a rule, the latter being constructed specifically for this purpose.

Typically, the need arises for several reasons, among which I would like to separately mention the following:

  1. resolution of disputes between two or three cities.
  2. Crowding.As a rule, the problem faced by the country and the capital of Asia.
  3. equal basis to govern the country.
  4. military threat to the country or directly to the existing capital.
  5. Exemption from the old society and traditions of governance.
  6. loss of dominance over the state of the existing capital.

Countries with the capitals, which had to be moved

consider several options.However, as an example of offering to take only those cities that have lost the status of the main cities of the country for purely economic or territorial criteria.

  • Bergen (Norway). This city is known throughout the world for its history and traditions.It today many cultural attractions, scenic spots.And here boils modern urban life.Norwegian Bergen in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO as the most ancient settlement of the state in the Middle Ages.
  • Philadelphia (USA). One of the oldest cities in America.It is situated in the list of political, economic and financial centers.In 1790 he became the first capital of the United States.
  • Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). safe to say that today is the city's economic development, such as the European, though created in Soviet times.Here there is a huge number of shops and the streets lined up in rows, and, of course, the cars stuck in traffic jams at rush hour.On the other hand, in our time Almaty remains the most fascinating creatures of Central Asia.It turns out that the contrasts inherent in this region, there are in the city.

new capital of the world

  • Brasilia - the capital of which is located in the center of the country.When selecting the construction site of the city was the main point of the observance of a distance between him and the other major cities in Brazil - Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.A city with a bird's eye resembles a jet in motion.Territorial unit itself has a lot of unusual.First of all, of course, is the location and architecture.It is these characteristics and cause the pride of local residents and tourists delight.
  • Cetinje - capital of Montenegro, the city museum, founded in the XIII century.In the XV century, when there was a war with Turkey, the current capital was moved to Cetinje because of the danger of war.Located between the city limestone mountains in the valley, where the species respectively, are fascinating.And the ancient churches and monasteries added to the townspeople and travelers a special feeling - as if they are actually moved to the past.This city is not for nothing called the epitome of the entire Montenegro.
  • Manila (Philippines) - a conglomerate consisting of 18 cities, which form the metropolis.It combines ultra-modern and urban innovation.It really is a magical place where the horizon rise the glass skyscrapers and beaches almost untouched by man.There are many excellent places for diving, and five hundred monasteries and cathedrals necessarily tell all interested persons about the history of this region.