Officially or parole?

Trust word for it - it is very ungrateful.And in the course of employment - even more so.Just for this reason, and employers require you to documents proving your qualifications, experience, so that applicants should also insist that all relationships have been issued accordingly.

course, that the most ideal option for any employee may become relevant employment contract, which is in writing, in duplicate, and describes the conditions of employment - wages mechanisms its payment, work schedule, duties and proper position.It is worth remembering that only a contract of employment the employee is able to provide social security, and in the event of certain conflicts with the leadership of this agreement will allow you to defend their legitimate interests.

certain reluctance to most employers to enter into such service contracts, for example, with the students, can be understood.

It's just a cat in a bag - no experience in a particular specialty, education is not even finished.However, employers have other opportunities to design students to work.

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This contract may be a contract for services.In most cases, such contracts are for a limited period, for example, one month.At the conclusion of such a contract directly between you and the employer also raises a certain relationship, not labor, as in the first case, and the traditional civil law.All this suggests.that the employer is not obliged to pay you compensation, sick leave and vacation pay, he also will not have to pay for you straza payments.And if the quality of your work will not suit him, he can simply not renew the contract with you.

Another possibility of employment for the same students can be called student contract.Such agreements also serve as civil and legal acts.In accordance with this agreement, students are not just trained in the enterprise, but also carry a certain amount of practical work in exchange for their work for a reward.During the cooperation you will pay a scholarship - its size is determined directly in accordance with the signed apprenticeship contract.In addition, this size can not be lower than that set in accordance with current legislation the minimum wage.

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