Land resources and their importance

Land - is the whole area which is delineated by defined boundaries.They may be in the country using different subjects, but, nevertheless, refer to the natural objects.The land is a means of production, which is used in many sectors of economic activity.It is particularly in demand in agriculture and forestry.

Land Fund of the world is 134 million. Kilometers.This is 26.3% of the entire territory plnety.

Land resources have a certain structure.11% are arable land, meadows and gardens.That is arable land.About 23% of land falls on pastures.Forests and shrubs occupy 30% of the land resources of the planet.Anthropogenic landscape that is man-made, make up 3% of the total.There are marginal land, which accounts for about 33% of the land.

Land resources are unevenly distributed.For example, pastures occupy most in comparison with the cultivated lands.This is especially true for Australia.In Russia, USA, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, India and Canada account for the bulk of the land used for arable land

, orchards and meadows.

Forests generally prevail in Russia, South and North America.For Asia is characterized by low productivity lands.

structure of land resources may vary.This occurs for two reasons.

activities of people affects the distribution of these lands.A lot of land allocated under the arable land, orchards and meadows.They swing open, cut down the forests, drained swamps, deserts are irrigated.Over the last decade the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcultivated land increased by 360 million. Hectares.Some countries win back land of sea spaces, using the coastal zone.This is the first cause of changes in the structure of land resources.

It also changed due to the deterioration of land quality.This occurs simultaneously with their extension.

Land Russia - different in their qualities and properties (fertility, the presence of minerals, forests and water bodies).Therefore their use, focusing on these features.

Land resources in our country are divided into seven categories:

1. Agricultural Land.They include all the lands, which are suitable for the manufacture of products for agricultural purposes.

2. land under settlements.They are located on the territories of administrative units (cities, villages, and so on. D.).Their main purpose - the construction of buildings and facilities necessary for the existence of the settlements.

3. land set aside for use in industry, transport and other related industries.

4. Areas of particular value.It reserves, lands historical and cultural values, health and other areas.

5. Forest fund land.This is the land covered by forests, or reserved for use in the field of forestry.They are particularly valuable in terms of commodities.Wood needed for many sectors of the national economic complex.It is also a place of rest and energy source.

6. Land occupied by water bodies.It also includes the hydraulic structures and the area necessary for their full operation.They satisfy the domestic, drinking, health and some other needs of humanity.Such resources are needed to complete the work, and many spheres of economic activity of the country.

control over the use of land by the Committee for Land Resources.Their rational consumption is very important to preserve all the land fund and the natural environment as a whole.