Deprivation of rights for driving while intoxicated

deprivation of rights - a worthy punishment for drivers who operate a vehicle while intoxicated.

Let's see in what cases the driver will be deprived of rights for driving while intoxicated.It is important to note one thing: there is currently no accurate figures admissible norm, which can show the machine when checking the degree of intoxication of the driver of the detainee.Therefore, we can lose the rights even if he showed a minimum value, had a great error of the device.Learn about the error or that the device can be only of its documents.Deprivation of rights for drunkenness - a serious moment, so take it too seriously.

What is the rate of elimination of alcohol from the blood and body?Of course, this process is individual, because the same amount of alcohol in different people and bring in a different time.It turns out that it is possible to check whether the driver to get behind the wheel, or can not.It should be understood that even if you feel fine, for dinner following the feast day of the blood alcohol level may still be raised.

course, the surest way - a check on the device traffic police.However, this option is suitable only for those who have a relative, neighbor, friend or acquaintance who works in this structure.Another good option - the purchase of his personal Breathalyzer test and the level of alcohol in the blood with it.The only disadvantage of this option is that the testimony of your appliance may differ slightly from the testimony of police technical means.Sometimes these are the slightest inaccuracy can play a big role.

talk about the period of deprivation of rights for driving while intoxicated.The machine is in a state of intoxication - a serious violation, and therefore should be punished for that impressive from a half to two years' deprivation of rights for the first violation, and the next time you will be deprived of rights violations for three years already.

Separately be said about road accidents where the fault lies entirely on drunk drivers.The fact that the risk of getting in an accident in a situation where the driver is intoxicated, much increases.Of course, alcohol in the blood is not an absolute guarantee of guilt is that the driver in the accident.If a drunk driver, and the driver is guilty of a second, the first of them is waiting for divestment.If proved guilty in an accident still drunk driver, the insurance company may require him to pay for the repair of the vehicle of the victim of his own purse.

When accidents povlёkshem the death of a person, the sentence the guilty driver if he was drunk, is greatly increased.For example, a sober driver will be deprived of liberty for up to five years, and a drunk driver - already up to seven years.Agree, it is quite a long time that negate everything.

deprivation of rights for the alcohol - it is a legitimate punishment.Follow the law does not get into a car when drunk, do not risk your life and the lives of other people!