How to build a cellar with their hands on a garden site

Cellars people learned how to build a long time ago - when there was not only a refrigerator, and even electricity.Natural environment conducive to a good climate, constant temperature - all contribute to the long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables (such as their presentation and taste).The owners of suburban housing, especially those engaged in the cultivation of its fruit and vegetables, without simply can not do, but because anyone living in a private house, sooner or later have to think about how to build a cellar.Under the house or garage cellars usually built before the construction of the structure itself.Because we consider the establishment of the utility room in the garden (suburban) area.

How to build a cellar with their hands

First you need to determine the place of construction, based on the level of underground water.The easiest way to do this, drilled on the future site of the cellar hole depth of not less than two and a half meters.After that it is necessary to bury the pipe and ensure that it does not appear water.If there is no water - you can get to work.Otherwise it will have to find another place, preferably on a small hill.

Then proceed to excavation.Usually it is the optimum size is 2.5 m in width and length and the same depth.The pit can be dug manually or with the help of an excavator.

bottom of the pit must be carefully compacted and then pour gravel bed height of 30 cm, of which 20 cm of sand, and 10 cm - gravel.Atop pillows stacked metal reinforcement bars with a thickness of 8 mm, after which it is poured a layer of sand and concrete mix at a ratio of 1: 3.

How to build a cellar with their hands with all technologies?For this it is necessary to provide waterproofing to protect the floor and walls of moisture.For this purpose, any applicable waterproofing materials.Commonly used roofing material, which is laid on the cured concrete, and then coated with tar.If the roll width is less than the width of the cellar, put his lap and lifted the edge, only to stick to the walls of roofing material.

as the material for the walls can serve as a concrete or brick.How to build a cellar with their hands by a monolithic structure?For this we first need to install the reinforcing cage bars of a diameter of 10 mm and then erect the formwork on both sides of the valve.The width of the walls of the future should be at least 10 cm. You can then proceed to the Gulf mixture, which should ram in order to avoid the formation of voids.The drying time of the mixture in a dry sunny weather is about ten days.Formwork can be removed as no earlier than three weeks.

Gluing roofing material to the outside wall, you need to fill them with a layer of clay to improve the protection against moisture and compacted.Covering can be done either reinforced concrete slabs or wood.The latter option is much easier both technically and financially.

Now you install a roof (pent or gable) with manhole and build a ladder.The roof must be insulated.This can be done with artificial turf or heaters (natural material it is preferable).Above it is necessary to cover slate.

How to build a cellar with his hands, that the products stored in it for a long time and formed the dampness?Naturally, this requires ventilation.For this purpose, one can use any pipe diameter of about 10 cm. It can be installed even in the two opposite ends of the cellar.The lower edge of one tube is at a distance of 20 cm from the ceiling, and another - of 20 cm below the ground.From the outside cellar must rise above the roof level by about 30 cm. The interior finish is best to use hard wood.

Care cellar

Knowing how to build a cellar (in the house or in the garden area), is no guarantee that the products it will be stored for a long time.The cellar must be cleaned every year, ventilate and disinfect.The easiest way to disinfect the cellar is its whitewash mortar made from the calculation: 1 solution bucket 5-6 buckets of water with the addition of copper sulfate (1 bucket solution - 1 kg sulphate).All work on the disinfection must be completed at least one month prior to bookmark the next harvest.