How to become a magician?

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accepted that psychic abilities are given at birth.There is an opinion that the question of "How to become a magician?"It has no right to exist.Gift is either there or not, and the third is not given.But this is absolutely wrong.Develop a magical abilities can be anyone, because they are embedded in the nature of each of us.Of course, there are people to whom this activity provides much easier.It is believed that a magical gift to some extent endowed with scorpions, the twins and archers.But this does not mean that members of other signs of advice on how to become a magician, will not help.The main thing - is patience and faith in their own strength.

townsfolk always clearly separated wizards on good and evil, and magic - into black and white.Sometimes even the "experts" in these terms are confused, including himself to the fact that to others.Sometimes we hear of some even of the existence of an intermediary.However, the magic can not be white, black or gray.She is single and integral in its manifestations.Only in the hands of men, it can be directed to a good cause or for evil.But regardless of whether the magician puts a love spell or takes it off, mechanisms of action in both cases are the same.There are no special techniques or tips on how to become a black magician.Wrapping acquired knowledge and skills to harm you stand on the side of evil.Healing and helping, do good, and therefore, can be attributed to the forces of Light.As you can imagine, all the arguments on the topic of "How to become a magician white or black?"may sound only from the mouth of a complete amateur.

How to open your gift

Anyone who is interested in how to become a magician, it is necessary to clarify once and for all, that this will change the whole of life.Dar puts some responsibility.After classes magic - it's not a hobby or pastime.This is a special path which selects the person who wants to learn about the world and the nature of things.

Undoubtedly, before asking the question, how to become a magician, each determines for himself what he needs.Let's face it, a man who dreams of money thus unlikely to be cultivate.He simply buy the corresponding attributes, learn a few tricks and start "clipping coupons."Therefore, to develop a magic gift solved only those who are genuinely willing to help people.For those who turn to a psychic, the latter acting as a mentor and assistant.

Now, our dear readers, it's time to move on to the story of how to become a magician.To develop natural abilities, you need to train a lot.And the first novice magician exercises aimed at developing intuition.

Take a deck of cards and place it, without looking into two columns - red and black.Repeat the exercise until the error rate is not reduced to a minimum.Further, the problem is complicated.Now you need to add up the four decks for each suit.

Dreams for any magician of great importance, so learn to solve their symbolism.Keep a diary for that special.Capture it all dreams and their significance.

in life each of us meets many warning signs, but we do not always know how to read them.Learn to look carefully at the ordinary things around you, and comprehend the essence of the surrounding events.To do this, you can turn to folk wisdom, gathered in various omens.Remember that this is not superstition, and observation.

A good exercise for the development of magical abilities may be guessing.No matter what you choose - cards, coffee grounds or coins, most importantly, do not forget to record positive results.

for the first steps on the path of understanding the Great Mystery of magic that will be enough.We wish you success.