Most nonsexual profession

offer you a 2 rating of the non-sexual trades.It seems that neither one of them can not fully agree.And what about this do you think?Express your opinion in the "Comment" ...

Rating 1 .

1. Fishmonger. Apparently, at the mention of the profession seems sticky scales and the smell of fresh-water fish.

2. Okantovschiki related products do not cause any public interest.

3. Accountant. representatives of the profession are the most frequent visitors to online dating sites, but sexual interest of the profession does not cause

4. Librarian. Apparently, the culprit library dust and quiet, measured work.

5. System administrator. Sometimes representatives of the profession as immersed in their work, they do not notice, as also "hang".Perhaps this was the reason for such a result.

6. Pianist. Causes dislike unnecessary jerky movements when playing the instrument.

7. veterinarian. Anyone who treats animals, causing confusion respondents - instead of paying attention to beautiful women, the veterinarian treats dogs, cats and other fauna.

8. middle managers. Cause antipathy that are constantly concerned about the idea of ​​promotion and not satisfied with their service position.In contrast to the lower-level subordinates, as these comrades is quite calm and live and enjoy life.

9. Distributors products. often saw these workers, we are trying to move away to avoid contact with them.The same opinion and the respondents.

10. clerk empties. the profession simply called, not commenting on the selection.

Rating 2 .

5. Scientists - too busy working

intimate life of scientists, in contrast to their scientific quest, quiet and serene.Carnal pleasure for them - a waste of time and effort.And during foreplay, according to scientists, every second of them thinking about work.Moreover, doctors proved that profession mathematics and physics contribute to sharpening schizoid traits.What's the sex ...

4. Programmers - prefer virtual sex

programmers - not better.Their intimate difficulties again linked with a mathematical turn of mind.Geek easier to communicate with the program, where all problems are posed and solved more easily than a real person.And polls show the people of this profession sex often happens on the Internet, but not in real life.

3. Financiers - too pragmatic.

Financiers.These people appreciate the stability of the partnership, but to sex are treated as ordinary physiological needs.That is - to eat - their fill, drink - in a fun, and more: you know - on health.Romantics - no, solid rationalism.Although it may be, and who like:

2. Psychologists - very boring and suspicious.

In second place - psychologists, mysterious and boring.In love, as in life, they are very cautious and suspicious.Carefully care about safe sex and the prevention of adverse effects.Love for them - the diagnosis, the partner - the patient, and sex - a psychological test to identify mental disorders.So just try to relax:

1. Workers - have sex neither the strength nor the desire.

According to doctors, the most unlucky in sexual terms people are engaged in physical labor.Professions associated with severe or harmful production, lead to the depletion of the nervous system, reduced potency and atrophy of all sexual desires.When forces after work only enough to get to bed and snoring - there can be no sex.

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