An unforgettable tale wedding in Poland

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Poland - extraordinarily beautiful country with a rich history and culture.Warsaw is the perfect romantic place for your wedding.If you want to organize a major event in your life in an atmosphere of celebration and festivity, our article will tell you how to do it.

Nowadays wedding abroad is no longer an unattainable dream.Many European countries are happy to have hosted honeymooners and Poland - is no exception.Warsaw - this is not just a modern city, its "old" part of immersing you into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and give the flavor of your celebration.Marriage in a medieval castle will be a highlight of your celebration.

But before moving on to the official part, you need to consider some organizational issues.You can choose a formal marriage or symbolic ceremony.A second simple: you sign up for the registry office at home, and then choose any place for a beautiful wedding already abroad.

If you want to select the first option and create an official in Poland, you will need to collect a package of documents: translate Polish documents for marriage, prepare a statement, profiles, passport, birth certificate, certificate of marital status, visit the Consulate of Poland.Hire an interpreter for the ceremony.These services usually provide firms specializing in marriages abroad.Of course, it is better to entrust the execution of documents in the art, and you will not have to worry about it.The cost of such services - about 1,000 euros.The official part, usually occurs in the registry office, but you can order a marriage registration.

organize the wedding in the territory of the park Łazienkowska palace will cost around 1510 euros.This is the most comfortable place in Warsaw.76 hectares is a remarkably beautiful lakes, fountains, statues everywhere peacocks.It is built in an unusual way - from afar it seems that the palace is on the water.

Places amazing in its beauty, grandeur and dazzle the spirit of history.Spend a wedding in the rich cultural traditions of the Poles, with matchmaking and caravan.If you want to get married, this is also possible.In all countries, the Orthodox churches conduct the wedding ceremony.It's enough of a marriage certificate.

Not only Warsaw for the celebration.Also popular and Krakow.It is similar to the old Prague and Venice at the same time.You can not stay indifferent.The city is famous for its numerous restaurants, both traditional Polish cuisine and a wide choice of gourmet dishes.

You can rent a banquet hall, housed in the old buildings, with a characteristic interior and furnishings, or a stylized restaurant to your taste in the spirit of European traditions.For example, Pod Aniolami, on Grodzka Street 35. It is located in a building of the XVIII century.Rooms perfectly equipped, are preserved Gothic architecture.Some dishes are prepared directly in the oven.You can organize an event up to 140 people.Front of the restaurant in the summer an outdoor bar with a fountain.And there are a myriad of options.You just need to enjoy the choice of a place to spend your holiday.

wedding in Poland are also good that you can combine a ceremony and your honeymoon.A more romantic place for couples to be found.Immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of peace and tranquility.Stroll through the quiet cobbled streets.

If you want to stay in Warsaw, then be sure to visit the Market Square, drink a cup of coffee, enjoy the sounds of live violin.Admire the cityscape houses, though descended from the images of fabulous books.Many street musicians and artists, souvenir shops and small galleries.After the wedding ceremony, you can simply relax in leisurely and measured life of the city, where nature, architecture and history merge in unison.Treat yourself to an unforgettable and unique experience.Wedding in Poland will be one of the best experiences in your life.

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