Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant again?

members of the British royal family have always been in the public spotlight.With the advent of her young Kate Middleton it was even more.This girl is on her popularity has overshadowed not only her cousin Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince William, but the legendary Princess Diana.In July 2013, Kate gave birth to a beautiful boy, and that the information space began to walk the talk about her next pregnancy.Since no official explanations from the Duchess of Cambridge itself, nor on its members yet, it is anyone's guess: Is it true or not that Kate Middleton is pregnant again.

Why say that Kate is pregnant

paucity of information, coupled with ambiguous hints that are not commented or significant silence shrouded habitat, grows, always generates a wave of rumors and speculation.Sometimes they are nothing to do with reality are not, but it happens, and so that they are close to it ...

still unknown whether Kate Middleton is pregnant again.Talk about it went in April this year when the US media published materials that the Duchess wardrobe has changed markedly.They have noticed a trend that Kate again started to prefer loose-fitting clothes.Of course, according to them, is nothing but the fact that she is pregnant again, can not mean.

adds fuel to the fire, and the fact that neither the duchess nor her husband, nor the relatives did not comment on the emergence of these rumors.Only close to Buckingham Palace sources have told that it is nothing more than a fancy journalists.

And why not?Could it be that Kate Middleton is pregnant again?

be fair: that the Duchess again and again "make" pregnant, is partly to blame herself and her husband.They have repeatedly said in public and in various interviews that George is not going to stop there and want to have more children.

So, he dreams of William's daughter, because their old girls is much less than boys.Therefore, he said, it would be nice to dilute it "male" realm (or rather, the kingdom).Kate also wants another girl, also a good idea to not one.After all, she was born in a large family (Kate has a sister and a brother), and therefore believes that a child is not enough.

That such statements and give the soil a variety of media for suspicion that Kate Middleton is pregnant again.But how are things really?

active life of Kate and William

While "Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant again," she in the company of her husband and son's George sometimes travels around the world.

In March this year, the family visited (though without the little prince) in the Maldives on vacation.The youngest member of the family stayed in the UK under the constant supervision of the nurse, which, incidentally, have picked up recently.

In the next month, is already in full family went on a voyage of the former British colony (New Zealand and Australia).Kate and William's all well taken, they took part in various official receptions, visited Sydney's famous opera.At the airport of the city duchess arrived in a slinky dress her figure-case yellow.The cut of the dress underlines any figure flaws, but Kate is ideal.So to say that Kate Middleton is pregnant for the second time, it is not necessary (unless it is very short term).

Kate is known for his activity and leadership qualities.This girl has demonstrated and proved in New Zealand during the frigates.She and William decided to join the racing yacht, and on different ships.As a result, the princess walked her husband, and with quite an impressive margin.

Perhaps her win was conceived (the prince gave his wife "off"), or maybe it really was a demonstration of healthy competition, and evidence that the relationship of the pair built on parity, mutual respect and recognition of the specific advantages of each.While the forces were originally "unequal": after all, Kate is still in his university years, plenty of time devoted to yachting.

Kate, William and George

While all are guessing, Kate Middleton is pregnant with second child or not, her firstborn already actively goes out and touches all the others with their appearance and behavior.

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, Alexander Louis was born on July 22, 2013 in the UK, in the same hospital where his father, however, 31 years later.This event was waited no less than marriage and Kate and William.The boy was born fairly large (3.8 kg), but was born naturally.

Of course, the question of whom like the boy was all one of the main.While George was too small to talk about it it would be premature.However, Camilla Parker, so to speak-in-law Kate, once said that he did not like his father, William.And that, she says, gives reason to doubt whether it is a child.

Following these allegations in the press rose scandal.But it seems that these words seriously, except for the Camilla, no one took.Given its "love" for his daughter, expect from it can also not such.

George joins the high life

George and his parents went to his first official visit - to New Zealand.With mom and dad, he takes part in almost all the secular and charity events.

As part of the tour he had visited the children's matinee, where as a normal child, playing with the other kids.However, it is distinguished by the fact that quite naughty, but was unable to break away from Kate's hair.Also present noted that George precocious, and his behavior is clearly traced the makings of a leader.

One of his last visits was the visit to Australia Zoo Taronga Zoo.There heir liked funny animal Bilby, whom he kept trying to grab the ears.Animal, by the way, was named after the little George, maybe that's why he was so attracted.

Kate waits for twins?

Judging by the fact that Kate wears a tour mainly in classic-fitting clothes, rides on the yachts, maybe talk about her pregnancy greatly exaggerated.Interestingly, the imagination of journalists and other gossips were not limited to the fact that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second baby: they claim that the Duchess waiting twins, and it will be a girl.