One hand washes the meaning and origin of phraseologism

Most often, when the sound of the proverb "one hand washes" the people there are associations with the thieves' world.This is not surprising, because the people have this phrase has rhymed and continued - "thief thief conceals."


course, originally from the expression of such values ​​was not, because it has come to our language from the Latin.«Manus manum lavat» - this is how it sounds on the dead proverb ceremonial language.If you believe the stories, the very first sentence said, "one hand washes" and brought her into the use of Plato, even to speak with confidence about the authorship of this ancient saying is impossible.Phraseologism value has not changed, even with the passage of time, it does not change neither came from the Latin proverb.For example, «homo homini lupus est» (man to man - the wolf) is used today in the same sense in which it was used hundreds of years ago.Apparently, it confirms the profound wisdom of Latin aphorisms, does not need to be supplemented or newfangled interpretations.But our people, of course, managed to correctly understand and employ in his own way.

on mutual assistance and friendship

If you try to make out the expression "one hand washes" in terms of logic, the analogy with life situations will be viewed very clearly.To do this, you can also resort to using black humor.It's hard to imagine because, as a one-armed man washes their hands before eating a single, but the owners of two hands to cope with this task quickly and easily.The same thing happens in life - often a man alone can not achieve the desired result, and came to the rescue aid comrade always help him.This suggests that social contacts and friendships are always useful, and powerful, and proud and independent people in this life is to achieve its much heavier.Show an example of how one hand washes, very simple.A graduate of a prestigious university is not too long and tedious to try to find a good job in an unfamiliar city and the search for it in the end may come to nothing.But a student who had during their studies make useful contacts, get a good place in a jiffy.

about illegal activities "on concepts»

However idiom "one hand washes" absolutely not in vain was a continuation of "thief thief conceals", and the reason why our distorted reality.Now, no one is ashamed to talk about that for a living is not an honest way, or prefers "not dodavat" money to their subordinates to buy a house in the capital, or once again rest abroad.Of course, this 'thieves' continued strongly distorts the original meaning of proverbs and debases it.The people established stable association with something dishonest, dirty and illegal, and in fact the original meaning of this expression is very noble.It is unlikely to succeed to imagine how the ancient sages with open views furtive shabby diplomats exchanged obtained for the dubious activities of money and whisper in each other's hand, but the hand washing.However, this does not mean that at that time there was no theft and the desire to usurp someone else - then just did not talk about it with pride or self-satisfaction.

about the importance of etymology

amazing how many unique acquired in modern idiom "one hand washes".The meaning of this proverb can be opened and by other phrases such as "dog does not eat dog" or "one is a warrior.""Officially," full proverb is: "One hand washes, and both are white."One set of values ​​that phraseologism - it is just something that people can cover each other in fraudulent cases.However, this value can be found in the phrasebook Russian language, which for some reason is not specified etymology of this phrase and explained its initial value.It is best to remember that such an interpretation phraseologism: tricky business best done together, then we can expect a positive result.