Look in the dream book.

Dreams are an integral part of human life.Starting from childhood to old age, the man at night plunges into a magical world of fantasy and unpredictable.Sometimes your dreams are nightmares that you wake up in a cold sweat, sometimes such amazing that you do not want to get up, and sometimes you do not even remember what you dreamed of.For some, it is - just little things in life, and who believes in the importance of what is happening in a dream.It has long been thought up downers for these purposes, many people are trying to give a more accurate transcript of your dreams, let alone believe it or not - your business.

What does it mean dreamed gift?The modern dream interpretation gift interpreted as a happy sign.This dream means that you will find your soul mate and be happy together, and for the girls it is a good marriage, while her husband is wealthy and understanding, the pair will close in spirit.If you dream girl herself brings something beloved, the modern dream interpretation gift is something bad, since she will not experience in life due respect for this man.

How else treat his other downers?In some publications written that receive gifts - to be happy, to make a profit or to successfully cope with various troubles.Give something in a dream means trouble undeserved reproaches of the man.There are also a good interpretation that gives the dream book: to get a gift, for example, predicts a profitable, successful marriage for girls, if they are given the kind of thing which she had long dreamed of.Take a present to a birthday party or a birthday party - is a huge success and good luck in all your endeavors, and deed.

Dream Miller gives a slightly different interpretation.Get the gift is an incredible happiness in life, in addition, he predicts the success of the financial operations of the business people.Send it to someone means the loss of a good opportunity to solve their own problems.There is a chance that you get an unpleasant reprimand from someone.Young woman in a dream a wonderful thing, can expect in real life a successful marriage with a rich man.This dream book gift received on the day of birth, interpreted as an omen of a rare success in all cases.If during a holiday in a dream you hand something to yourself - that means that you do not respect the person in real life.

Besides the usual dreams come with gifts and unpleasant dreams.For example, sometimes describes a dream book gift from the deceased.Not very pleasant is a nightmare in which the deceased person presents to you a thing, you see.But the people decided that it will not bring you anything terrible.A dream that only a change of weather.Well, it happens sometimes.

return to another famous dream books.The publication of Freud gives his interpretation.Himself symbolizes the gift is not a normal desire for sexual contact, and the desire to engage in serious and long-term relationship that can mean even marriage.In that case, when you give something - your contact list is just an initiative, but if all the action going on the contrary - someone wants to establish a contact with you.

rest many downers believe that the gift - this is news or punishment for any misconduct.In some editions even simpler: to get something - for profit, but what to give - to trouble.

As we have already seen, dream interpretation gives gift received in a dream, the set of values.They can be both good and bad.Faith - it is everyone's business, not get hung up on your dreams, but also to be careful in case of failure of foreboding.Well, the good outcome of the event certainly will not give any one person.In any case, we choose what to do in each situation, and it is on our decision now depends what a dream come true or not.