Dream book.

you believe in dreams?Probably not a man who at least once in my life tried to decipher the wonderful messages that they give us.

What are dreams?

Someone said that a dream - this is an unusual combination of former impressions.However, it often happens that night, you see something that is not even remotely similar to that with which we have been dealing in reality.Here then, unable to explain what he saw, we take up the dream book.Water in all interpretations of night vision plays an important role.This is understandable.It - one of the foundations of life, and this is reflected in our mentality.There are various interpretations of this symbol.(After all, what we see in a dream, it is a symbol whose value is to be solved).

for Russian and generally Slavs closer in spirit is without a doubt Evgeny Tsvetkov dream book.The man, a scholar, journalist, palmist and interpreter of dreams, it uses the associative links inherent in these nations.

We expand his dream book.The water is presented in a variety of guises.But it is always implied that it is associated with the foundation and the depth of human consciousness.


trying to understand the meaning of dreams, it is necessary to comprehend the combination of all the elements of sleep, intuitive dividing them into major and minor.So, the dream book.Interpretation of Dreams.Water ... She can dream our river and lake, stream and ocean, clean or dirty, muddy or clear.

explain the dream means to designate dream images with words and actions.Water is always a dream - a course of affairs, income, well-being.If it is clean and clear, and you drink it - is fortunately a happy resolution of problems.Conversely, when the dreams that go into the murky water - you will be disappointed.Pouring water, water - to the shame or loss.Waterfall at all is a terrible meeting.

At the same time, interprets the dream book, water, sea, blue, or blue, promises a pleasant meeting.Dive into the water - is a difficult situation in your personal affairs.When the dream that you drink muddy water, it is a disease.And if washed with water - for liberation and joy.Water in the form of waves promises an unexpected and quick way.

Asking dream interpretation, dream of what water we subconsciously remember that in real life it is not only brings good, but often fraught with danger.Therefore, if we see that it suddenly gushed from under the floor or wall, sleep can mean unforeseen and unexpected obstacles, secret enemies, our helplessness.If you happen to drown in a dream - is to difficulties.Dive - to temptation or risky business.

river symbolizes our life.Go with it - for profit.Being on the coast - a long journey.To go in the water - to the obstacles and delays.

Lake, with its mysterious and enigmatic beauty, portends danger.Go with it - for the separation of lovers.But, as the dream book, water brook symbolizes joy and meet long lost.Just to see the joy we considered fontan.Horoshim sleep drops.See it - money.Obviously, therefore, to be surrounded by water during a flood - a luxury.

Catching the interpretation of dreams, to make sense of all the elements that you see.Sometimes dreams are literal and ordinary meaning.In such cases, they - just a reflection of our daily experience.But there are prophetic dreams - real program of our future.They predicted events are brought to life with amazing accuracy.About such dreams a lot written in the books, and probably everyone can remember in my life at least one such dream.

With these dreams we touch the mystery that is hidden in the future given.Our brains - amazing natural supercomputer.In sleep mode, it comprehends all the information and forecasts gives us various life situations.Or, perhaps, this hypothetical information field gives us the gleanings of your pantry?Someday dreams are mysteries solved.In the meantime, let's enjoy the fact that we offer interpreters of dreams in your dream books.

Try increasingly look there!And you happy dreams!