The study produced goods

In the process of building a business, especially "from scratch" to be well guided in that market, in which you plan to work.One of the most important studies before the start - learning products (or brands), which are widely known and popular in the industry of your business.

So the first step - the study of consumer attitudes to a particular product.During the study takes into account the knowledge of consumers of certain brands and their level of fame.Information about this can be obtained by questioning consumers within investigated class of goods.Later, an analysis of the data that can be used for:

  • determine the number of potential customers or clients;
  • definition of the main competitors of your firm;
  • study memorability brand or trade mark;
  • comparing the ratio between known and occupied market share;
  • measurement discrepancies among the several famous brands;
  • identify the least filled with a certain trademark markets.

followed by the study of consumers' opinions about you are interested in products and services.

There is a view that is necessary to ascertain compliance with the requirements of the market and consumers, that is - the market value of the goods.This knowledge will make it possible to obtain the following information:

  • demand for goods;
  • consumer demands for goods and services;
  • motives of purchase (an order of services);
  • determine the sources of information about the product (service);
  • study of goods (services) on their characteristics.

final step is to determine the level of so-called loyalty to the product or service.To this end, conventionally formed consumer groups and the frequency of consumption of goods and services.Also at this stage, we study the effect of satisfaction on loyalty to the product of his trademark or a similar brand.

important is the classification of consumers by degree of loyalty to the brand.Often recommended allocation to individual subgroups (eg, smoking, smokers rarely or smoke a little, smoking).These studies make it possible to more clearly identify the range of potential customers, as well as to develop a better marketing program and to consider strategies for improving range of consumers.

Also consumers' opinions, market research are taken into account the views of those engaged in trade, services, rarely - lawyers and local authorities.Some firms (often large, in practice) book market research for the study of competitive ability of individual goods or services in the specific region in the conquest of new markets with the release of a fundamentally new product.