How to block a friends 'contact': instructions

Today we will talk with you about how to block the friends in "Contact".In fact, this is a very simple technique that will save you from unwanted messages and contacts.Thus, it is necessary to begin proceedings as soon as possible.

What gives?

But before you block the person in the "Contacts", is worth a little talk with you about the fact that this also gives the opportunity to users.As has been said, is a great way to protect themselves from unwanted persons as well as their enemies.But let's take a closer look at the function.

In fact, if you are thinking how to block friends 'contact', of course, you should know what threatens this action.The first - a complete ban on viewing your profile.All that the user will see - it is only your name and avatar.The second point - that person can no longer write to you messages and comments.Such an artful privacy settings.And now we try to use it.In fact, it's much easier than it might seem at first glance.

From Profile

Let's start with the simplest and most common method.If you are thinking how to block friends "Contact", the first thing would have to be authorized in the social network, and only then get down to business.Incidentally, without this process you will not be able to communicate in principle with any possible "social sphere".

Authorization passed?Then we move on.Now we need to find you a so-called sacrifice, which we will block.Open your friends list, and then select the desired user.Visit his profile.Look carefully at the left side of the screen under the avatar.Scroll down the window and look at the label "Block."This is just what we need!If you think about how to block the friends in "Contacts", then you can simply click on this line - and all!Once you do this, the user will automatically be moved to the so-called black list, and access to your application for it is now closed.

His hands

Well, now we will look to you another very interesting scenario.However, it is not as popular as the previous one.If you want to know how to block friends "Contacts", then select a victim, visit her profile and then copy to the clipboard a link to the form man.It is this will help us in the implementation of the current task.

Now you need to go to the "My Settings".In this menu, we have to work in the future.Then find the tab "black list" and open it.In the resulting string you want to insert the address of human profiles, which we will block.Click on "OK" and save the changes.By stitching a list of the users listed in the "Black List", and the top will be the last submitted.That's all.As you can see, nothing difficult or extraordinary.But let's find out with you last way how to block the page in the "Contact".


This scenario basically blocks the person.Rather, its access to the questionnaire.Like all third-party users of social networks, and the owner himself.For him, however, have "reserved" by people who support you.Or rather, you write a complaint.

Find the profile that violates the rules of the license agreement during registration in "Contact".After that, go to the profile of the victim and click on "File a complaint."Now arrange it.Remember the reason, apply the evidence and so on.Send an inquiry.Now it's your friends.They have to do this process, too.Just so that all the complaints were very similar.If the user goes to a lot of negative "signals" that the administration is required to verify it.In the presence of human disturbance will be blocked.That's all.