Metropolis - a country-colonizer

the fifteenth century began to form the world colonial system, which was caused by the advent of the technical possibilities for overcoming long distances, mostly by sea.This was the reason why deleted possession of Spain, Britain, France, Portugal and some other countries, often called the Overseas (Eng. Ā«OverseasĀ») territories.Then came the concept of "Metropolis."It is a state whose flag flies over captured a strange land.

Technique colonization

main reason for the fact that the opening of the new island of the archipelago, and sometimes virtually the entire continent in itself meant a transition in ownership of a monarch, was the technical superiority of Europe over the indigenous population.Mainly it was manifested in the availability of effective means of suppressing the resistance, in other words, guns and rifles.The future metropolis of the weapon used as a tool to capture.

numerical superiority living in the "open" areas of peoples did not matter, the colonialists and acted by force an

d fraud, sometimes buying entire islands for a handful of glass beads and frightening dissatisfied with the guns.

European colonies

This civilizational or cultural superiority could not always boast of the country - a future metropolis.This is clearly demonstrated by numerous examples of scientific achievements and works of art looted by invaders and exhibited in museums in London, Paris, Madrid and other capitals of the owners of the colonies.Metropolises and colonies of Britain, France, Belgium and other countries are aligned as the acceptor and donor.Resources pumped out of India or Egypt, fueling the British economy.Diamonds Congo flowed into the treasury of the Belgian tycoons.

Colonies "backwards" in Russian

originally an ancient Greek word "colony" meant no overseas possessions and settlement founded by representatives of some of the city (or metropolitan policy) away from home.In Russia, under Catherine the Great settled the Germans (the so-called virtually all Europeans), attracted great opportunities and freedom of entrepreneurship.By the end of the thirties of the twentieth century German colonists lived and worked in different cities of Novorossiysk province and the Volga region.Thus, the Russian Empire had colonies like "reverse", placing foreigners inside, creating favorable conditions for them and supporting national outskirts.European countries behaved differently, preferring to plunder the occupied territories.

In the mid-twentieth of the world colonial system came to an end.Only a few states left the base (though very conditional) to continue to call himself the proud word "metropolis".This UK with its Falkland Islands, Bermuda, Gibraltar and a number of small holdings, France (Clipperton Guiana and others.) And Denmark (the Faroe Islands and Greenland).