On what continent is America?

On what continent is America?This question is interesting enough.In order to fully understand it, you must have some knowledge.

First of all, you need to understand what the mainland.This is an array of the crust, which rises above the sea level.Its size is large enough.There are two official names:

  1. mainland;
  2. continent.

Looking at a map, you can clearly see the six geological zones.The biggest Eurasia - it takes more than 50 million. Km2.The second position in the list goes to Africa, her $ 30 million. Km2.The third and fourth place, respectively, share the North (25 million. Km2) and South (18 mln. Km 2) America.Behind them is with an area of ​​Antarctica is almost 15 million. Km2.And this completes the list of Australia - its size is slightly less than 8 million. Km2.

little history

To understand on what continent is America, look at the history of geological development.200 years ago on this planet existed two continents - Laurasia and Gondwana, their shared world ocean called Tetris.In the modern world it is the Persian Gulf, Caspian, Black and Mediterranean seas.

When the split formed Gondwana, South America, Australia, Africa and Antarctica.Interesting fact: the movement of the earth's crust occurs to this day, as evidenced by the increase in the distance between the continents.

Laurasia split into two large continent: North America and Eurasia.The Last Continent - special.Scientists have observed the basis of just three Eurasian tectonic plates.For comparison, other continents have only one fragment.

North America: description of the continent

North America is the third largest in area.It is 24.2 million. Km2.The continent is rich in deposits of oil, coal and gas.Due to its location is observed in almost all climatic zones except the equatorial belt.The uniqueness of the continent is to have the longest coastline.Its length is 76 thous. Km.Depending on what is mainland America, rather northern part, it can be seen some fluctuations in temperature.South of the continent is characterized by very hot summer with low rainfall.But in the north frequently observed polar nights and winters too.Depending on the climate and terrain, all countries of the continent to develop certain industries and different areas of the industry.

South America

geographical position and its features in a given continent are determined primarily by its position.It is almost entirely falls under the influence of equatorial latitudes, which greatly influences its climate.Here there is the greatest amount of rainfall.The total area of ​​the continent is 17.8 million. Km2.It settled 12 countries.The biggest - Brazil.On the continent, well-developed production base and precious metals.

United States: description

United States are located in North America.On its territory you can observe different terrain: plains, lowlands and mountain ranges.Typically, these parameters depend on where the country is located, more specifically, on what continent is.America is divided into Northern and Southern Continent with its geographical features.That it affects the further development of the country.

Due to the large area (nearly 10 million sq. Km) in the US climate zones range from tropical to arctic climate.The state has no shortage of fresh water.Most are considered the main source of the Great Lakes, located on the border with Canada.

on administrative grounds of the country is divided into 50 states and 1 independent federal territory, which is the capital of America, better known under the name of Washington.

by the Atlantic (in the east), the Pacific (west) and Arctic (northern Alaska) oceans.

United States are located in the center of the continent.In their possession also includes areas such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and so on. D. It is also worth noting that one of the main attractions is the system of the United States under the name Great Lakes.It consists of 5 freshwater.Although the river USA occupy virtually the entire territory of the state of the lake is still not go unnoticed.It is here (and Canada) is the largest amount of fresh water.Great Lakes combined five largest lakes.Their area is 246 sq. M.km.The volume of water - 24 ths. Cub.km.This system is the most famous lakes, the depth of their total exceeds the parameters of the North Sea and the Baltic.


Studying South America, not to mention the largest state.It is Brazil.It is one of the five largest countries in the world.The only place on the continent, where most speak Portuguese.To do this, the state is characterized by heat, freezing are observed only in the mountainous massifs.However, the only problem may be the large amount of rainfall: the annual rate of more than 3000 mm.Here you can see 77 species of primates and more than 3 thousand. Freshwater fish.It is worth noting that Brazil has a very rich fauna.


American continents and the continents can not exist without water.America has many ponds and rivers.The lakes play an important role in water supply of all the countries on this continent.

Great Salt Lake, located in Utah, is the largest in the west.Since it has no drain water is salt with more than sea.The size of the reservoir is constantly changing under the influence of heavy rainfall and absence.

America - Mainland quite diverse.For example, Alaska - "owner" of four large lakes.Becharof lake was discovered in 1791 by Russian scientist Dmitry Bocharov, in whose honor and named.Iliamna, due to its glacial tectonic origin, are often fed only by snow waters.Kenai Lake for fishing purposes.It is situated in the mountains.It is the source of the river of the same name.Bear Lake is located in the south of Alaska.

California is rich in water.In the northern part of the Castle is located.It is powered through the glacial waters.Because of a dam on a river formed a lake of America Mendocino.Mono - salty body of water in which the fish do not live, but there are many cancers.

Crater is located in Oregon.It is unique in its structure as it has a crater origin.The color of its water - blue.In addition, it is quite popular because of logs floating in the waters of the lake which year.

Where is America?On this question we tried to answer in this article, providing a wealth of information.