Can I get pregnant cervical erosion: expert opinions and important facts

Pregnancy for many of the fairer sex is a long-awaited and happiest period.But not always everything goes the way you want.Most of the women before conception visit a gynecologist and pass some tests.So, during the next visit of damage can be detected on the vaginal mucosa.In women, the question immediately arises of whether it is possible to conceive of cervical erosion.That's it and answer this article.You will learn the opinions of experts on this subject.Also worth mentioning, what to do if detected inflammation cervical erosion.

essence of pathology and its causes

Cervical erosion is most often appears in the childbearing age.The cause of the wound may be hormonal disorders, genital infections, mechanical injury of the mucosa and so on.

Often doctors may confuse the true erosion and pseudo-education.To clarify the diagnosis is assigned a colposcopy.Only after that can we talk about the need for treatment.

Can I get pregnant cervical erosion?

opinions on this subject are different.Most doctors and experienced specialists say that you can get pregnant.However, it is quite dangerous.Also some of the fairer sex sure to conceive in this pathology is almost unreal.As it is also the case in reality?Can I get pregnant cervical erosion?

Opinion women (erroneous)

As everyone knows, it is necessary for conception Fertilization.Men's cell fuses with the female gamete.After that, begin a continuous division and growth of the germ.Next fertilized egg descends into the uterus, and already there is securely attached to the endometrium.

Quite often, cervical erosion of blood.At the same time women think that menstruation begins another, and become pregnant during this period is completely unrealistic.However, this opinion is erroneous.Many of the fairer sex who hold this view, soon became newly made mummies.

opinions of doctors and specialists

Can I get pregnant cervical erosion?Of course, yes.Gynecologists say that no link between the occurrence of conception and formation of lesions in the mucous membrane of the cervical canal there.

hormone release in the event of erosion remains the same.The ovaries are working as expected.As a result, the process of ovulation is not broken.Conception can occur through unprotected sexual contact.

exception or special cases

It also happens that pregnancy with cervical erosion does not occur.However, the reason for the lack of conception becomes not the wound, and comorbidities, which she called.

Thus, when hormonal failure and erosion of education may be no pregnancy.If the pathology is inflammation of the mucous membrane, or infectious causes, that conception may also not offensive.

it necessary to treat the erosion of pregnancy?

Many women who hear such a diagnosis in the doctor's office, asking whether or not to carry out any correction?Doctors do not recommend to treat the pathology of a familiar way (cautery or freezing).However, douching is often administered when the erosion of using medicinal herbs.This allows the impact of delayed wound yourself.

Why not treat the pathology before conception?Erosion of the cervix, as well as any other wound, can leave scars.During childbirth the cervix as possible expanding, and out of it completely smoothed.As a result of this process the cervix is ​​fully disclosed.If there are scars, they may simply burst.This leads to the need for surgical intervention.Doctors say that to treat the erosion of conventional methods is only advisable if the woman does not plan to have children in the next five years.

The danger of erosion for the expectant mother and her child?

So, you know, that with such a disease, you can get pregnant.But is it safe?For women, there is no threat to education sores on the mucous membrane.However, the future child may be subjected to danger.

Cervical erosion - a direct input channel for infection.Any inflammation immediately falls into the cervical canal and enters the uterus.It can be very dangerous for the baby in the first trimester of pregnancy.

During childbirth cervical erosion sometimes behaves completely unexpected way.In the damaged spot mucosa may simply go away, or not open.Also, many expectant mothers are faced with cervical incompetence.At the same time we are talking about premature divergence mucous membranes.Timely correction of these pathologies can save the health of your baby.However, the expectant mother should be under special supervision of doctors.


If you found cervical erosion, it is necessary to find out the cause of its appearance, and only then try to get pregnant.If you notice inflammation or infection it is necessary to carry out the correction.If the wound is formed due to the hormonal failure, it is necessary to put in order the work of the body.Only in this way you can protect yourself and your baby from possible complications.Be healthy!