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Each of us at least once tried to squeeze through the crowd of fans to any star.Whether it's pop stars, movie or famous politician, it does not matter.The main thing is to get the cherished "flourish" at the hands of their idol.In what way can buy autographs of stars today?And if any of them are the safest?

«Avtografomaniya 100%, or getting an autograph for free?»

If you have never asked for an autograph, then you should read the informative book Sergei Lunenko called "Avtografomaniya 100%, or getting an autograph for free?".In this edition, you can find a lot of useful tips, many of which are associated with certain risks.For example, in the first case, we propose to expect a star near the "backdoor", where most of the celebrity is sent after a busy concert, premiere or any other public appearance.

This method, however, warns the author himself a kind of manuals for the fans, do not give any guarantees.That is, you can stand in the "emergency exit" for a long time and did not get an autograph of the star.After all, people of creative professions is almost unpredictable.They can come up with a completely different side to appeal to fans through a manager and declare his unwillingness to communicate, for example, because of fatigue.

In addition to you near the "backdoor" is also a lot of other "hunters of painting."And if your idol appears, the crowd can dramatically move in his direction.Consequently, there is always the danger that you simply crush or injure.

Getting an autograph on the street or at the airport

Autographs stars (some photos of celebrities can be found in our article) can be obtained if literally "to catch the star guard."For example, you can meet her at the airport, cafe, shop, and so on.However, for this it is necessary to accurately know at least the approximate route of celebrities.

method, in principle, not bad.But it will not be effective if you do not have reliable friends who would reward "merge" the information about the star.

autograph session as a way of obtaining the signature stars

second option is less travmoopasen and more legitimate.It provides a timely visit to the autograph session, where you can easily get autographs of the stars.At such events, as a rule, the presence of journalists and the most knowledgeable about the activities of celebrity fans.

Learn about a similar session with the star can be from the following sources:

  • official forums of fans of the actor;
  • press service manager or a celebrity;
  • the official Star Resources (this includes websites, fan-pages in social networks, and so on. N.);
  • from the press or advertisements.

Plus this option - minimal risks and no traumatic factors.Of the minuses - the chances are low you get there, if you do not know any journalists or other persons in contact with the stars.

Is it possible to get an autograph from the star-mail?

If bustle, hustle and hassle is not for you, then there is a simpler version you obtain the necessary zakarlyuchki.In particular, today actually ordered autographs of stars by mail.This can be done also in two ways.The most difficult is to find e-mail addresses on their own.To do this, you need to spend a lot of time shoveling sites, forums and other sources.For example, "elektronku" Chuck Norris is in the public domain.

To find the postal address you can look at, where there is not only information about celebrities, but also links to their official websites and social networking pages.

For example, actress Sharon Stone live at the address:

Further, at this address, you can send a letter with a request to send an autograph.It is desirable to insert a spare envelope along with your return address.

The second option - to turn to a specialized online store for autographs and buy ready-made.

How to write a letter asking the star for an autograph?

If you need, for example, a rock star autographs, and you have selected a more sophisticated version of their receipt, you should follow certain rules when writing letters.Firstly, if you request to Hollywood celebrities, the text of the letter must be in English.If that language you do not speak, it is enough to write the preliminary text of the letter and translate it with the help of an online translator.Let this letter is not quite correct in terms of grammar, but the meaning of his star certainly catch.

Second, write your name in Roman letters, so the star will be much easier for you to sign a photo or postcard.Third, to get the autographs of Hollywood stars, in the text of the letter do not write nothing more.Suffice it to say hello, to say a few words about what has long been an admirer of celebrities, and ask you to send a photo and signature.And then - wait for a response.Of course, we can not say anything for sure.Getting autographs in this case depends on pure luck.

How to book signings over the Internet?

If you decide to book signings in the online shop "Avtografomaniya", you just log on to the site and choose from the catalog available for autographs.For the convenience of all the celebrities are distributed under the following headings:

  • all the stars;
  • musicians;
  • presenters;
  • actors;
  • Star Factory.

For example, here you can find intricate signature Soso Pavliashvili, Anfisa Chekhov, Potap and Nastya, Michael Grebenshchikov and even KVN team "Children of Lieutenant Schmidt."Officially announced price autographs - from 500 rubles.The cost will vary by the size of the photo or poster, which at one time signed for the star.Thus, signed poster of the singer Chile A3 it will cost fans 800 rubles, and the card in A5 format - 500 rubles.

main advantage lies in the fact that here is really authentic autographs.On the site you can see video verification with the star.

Of the minuses can be identified that the signature will not name, that is a celebrity does not address it for you, but simply puts his autograph standard.Also, in addition to price, the signature of the star includes payment for the delivery of your order.Its price in Moscow, for example, will cost 350 rubles.And, of course, here you will not find Hollywood stars - only celebrities of Russian show business.

Where else can you buy an autograph stars?

addition to the above options to purchase an autograph of a celebrity can be forums for fans in social networks, on the boards of private advertisements, Internet auctions.For example, the most famous auction is considered to be «».Here you can find not only the autographs of football stars, and even astronauts.For example, the starting price of photographs signed by Marilyn Monroe is 390 thousand rubles.

In short, if you have already decided to buy an autograph favorite stars, and do not stop for the implementation of planned everything is possible!