The restriction of parental rights and depriving them

Unfortunately, there are families where the father or mother (or both) completely forget about their parental responsibilities.They begin to shy away from alimony payments, often drinking, bullying children and abused them.In such cases, the state has to resort to drastic measures.

restriction of parental rights - is taking away a minor child from one or both parents without depriving them of those rights.The main reason for this measure is there is a danger when leaving a child with mom and dad for the circumstances that do not depend on the past.Also, the restriction of parental rights is used in cases where the presence of the child with the parents may be hazardous because of their inappropriate behavior.

filed a claim on deprivation and limitation of parental rights shall be entitled to a close relative.This procedure can be applied to both the mother and the father, or to both simultaneously.Also, the court may find it necessary to pay child support by parents to children.

restriction of parental rights - is the loss of the rights to raise children, and all allowances and benefits to care for him.At the same time parents are obliged to continue to keep him and provide accommodation.In situations where the restriction of parental rights has been imposed on both parents, the minor is transferred guardianship authorities or the closest relatives, who must draw on his wing.Six months after the court decision considered the case in which parental rights will either be restored or permanently revoked.But the first steps necessary to provide the court with evidence, is proof of change for the better parent (actors testimony, documents, etc.).

Deprive of parental rights when their limit has not brought the desired result.It applies such legal action in cases where the interests of a child's life and are under a real threat on the part of parents.

grounds for termination of parental rights:

  • non-payment of alimony.

  • refusal of parents to take the child from any of the institution (eg, hospital) is not available on valid reasons.

  • abuse of their rights.For example, when parents make a child beg or prohibit train.

  • abuse (mental or physical violence).

  • dependent parents (or one of them) of alcohol or drugs.

  • causing significant harm to health or the murder of his child or the other spouse.

Once a court has deprived of parental rights of one or both parents, they lose the opportunity to participate in the upbringing of the child.Also, mom and dad may prohibit any contact with minors.If the judgment is imposed on one parent, the child remains in the custody of another.In the propagation of punishment and mom and dad, the fate of the minor will decide the guardianship.The child may be given to another family or in an institution is defined (depending on the state of health and his age).