How to change the background in the "Twitter" cap and profile photo

One of the most popular social networks today is "Twitter".This microblogging service gives you the ability to chat with friends, read news, share with other users with interesting materials.

worth noting the importance of "Twitter" to promote a website or blog.Wrote some informative article, you can "tweet" it, and bring to your life new readers.It should pay special attention to design their pages - to establish an attractive backdrop for "Twitter" profile photo and hat.

reading this article, you'll learn how to change the appearance of your account, get some tips on the correct organization of pages in the social network.

How to change the background in the "Twitter"?

If you want to change the default background image "Twitter", you will need to perform a few simple steps.

At the top there is a panel where you can go to "Home", see the notice and read messages addressed to you.Here you will see your avatar.Click on it and the drop-down menu, go to "Settings".

page opens, which is located on the left panel settings.Are you interested in the item "Design".Following the link, you will be able to choose any option and change the background color.But if you want to use your image, then click "Change".Now you must select a suitable background on your computer, and then save your changes by clicking on the appropriate button.

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By the way, on the Internet you can find any pictures on "Twitter".The background have the opportunity to thematic, focusing, for example, to their hobbies.

How to change the header of the blog and profile picture?

Hat microblog, which is installed by default, is a bit dull appearance.But the situation can be corrected quickly and easily.To do this, go to your page and click the "Edit Profile."

Now press the "Change picture hats" and choose an interesting option.At the same time note that the picture must have a certain permission.If it is more, then you just do not get the desired effect.

You already know that the backdrop for "Twitter" can be found on the Internet.With the image header can do the same.By setting an appropriate image, save the changes.

Do the same, you can set your profile photo.As a result, the appearance of your account substantially transformed.It is worth noting that the whole procedure takes you less than a minute, unless you are prepared in advance photos and pictures.

Proper design of your page

To design your page in the "Twitter" is recommended to be taken responsibly, especially if you are engaged in any activity on the Internet.Agree, will somehow look ridiculous, for example, if you are a serious lawyer, but in your account as a background image used vulgar picture.

It is therefore recommended to install a thematic background.You do programming?Then select the image computers.Sailors can photograph the beautiful seascape and use it as a backdrop for "Twitter."

With regard to profile photos, there is also not recommended to install photos of celebrities or just funny pictures.Of course, in some cases it will be appropriate.However, if you are focused on attracting new customers or visitors to your main blog, people will have to see with whom they communicate.

Conclusion So now you know how to change the background to "Twitter" and, therefore, can always customize the look of your account on your own.You also learned how to set a cap blog and profile picture, which may still come in handy.