What to do on vacation: the best ideas

School and the lessons left behind - the long-awaited break in the endless series of school days and homework.Often the guys beforehand think much about what to do on vacation.Maybe someone is planning a walk with friends or tourist trips abroad.But the parents take the matter: how to organize a vacation to the child, so that it is satisfied there, but they were quiet?

Spring Break

The shortest vacations - this spring, but even their students eagerly awaiting.Therefore, parents should puzzled about how to organize your child interesting and cognitive rest.

So, what to do on spring break?Resolving this issue is not so little.The best option would be a spring camp, where children will be engaged in the organization of recreation specialists.But if for some reason it is not possible, there are other ways to entertain schoolboy.

Today organized mass events aimed at cultural development and children's activities.There are many variants of the time that will be interesting and exciting, not only the child but an adult.

example of what to do on a vacation can be a hike to the session movie with his child.Here you can meet friends and have a good rest with his family.Your child will be delighted by the red-green glasses and large the bucket of popcorn.But we must remember that the theater - it's another dimension to the brim with rich variety of vivid emotions, which, though short, but strong influence on children's hearing and vision.Therefore, the child had gone out with the positive mood, you should select a film of the age group.

Things to do on holiday?For example, a good occupation will visit museums and exhibitions.Exhibits presented there will be interesting to the child.He must come to the delight of the halls devoted to paleontology, zoology, botany, which traces the evolution of the animal or vegetable world.And of course, the student will win a planetarium, because almost everyone wants to go in the vast expanses of space.

memorable and informative tour of the hangar is where the children will be able to close look at airplanes and helicopters.There they will be able to sit in the cockpit at the controls and make a souvenir photo.Guides will tell and show what is hidden under the skin of the aircraft, how it works and so on.


Funny Travel and thrills - that is undoubtedly popular with the children.Take a trip with the whole family by selecting the exotic country.Warm sea and sand will cause a lot of positive emotions, and the body will replenish vitamin D the southern sun.

What to do in the school holidays with the child?The spring months - the best time to take a tour of Europe.Take a trip to France, Czech Republic and Germany.What could be more exciting than familiarity with medieval castles, the walls of which have their own unique history?Connoisseurs of fine art will appreciate a trip to sunny Portugal, Italy or Spain.

Hooray!Summer holidays!

Summer - it's the longest holiday, which is looking forward to every schoolchild.They last three months, so that the child is not bored, you have to think in advance about how to arrange his leisure.

Because there is a question about what to do in the summer on vacation.There are many ways to diversify the rest of the child.A good option - a trip to a summer camp on the beach or in the forest area, where children's activities will be engaged experts, conceived and organized entertainment.

There are also day camps in schools and clubs.They give parents confidence in the fact that most of their children will spend the day under the supervision of specialists.And by students should not miss, and take part in various events, competitions and sporting events.

In these camps, children will not be bored.They will take part in a profile change that will allow them to find friends with the same interests, and to choose their future profession.Then organize the work of young talents - environmentalists, archaeologists, ethnographers, historians, mathematicians, athletes and others.

Sports and walks with friends

Summer vacation - this is a great time to spend it in the company of friends.However, children can arrange a picnic somewhere on nature (in the park, public garden or garden) and play war games, undertaking shootout water pistols in hot weather.You can go hiking to the river, aligning it with fishing or the forest.

summer months - is the best time for sports.Such activity has beneficial effects on the health and figure.Moreover, there are plenty to choose from: Play with your friends in football and basketball, go to the swimming pool, aerobics, athletics, gymnastics, parkour, and many others.Biking - at least useful and exciting activity.

Sport Housing

But not always pleased with a fine summer days are, but because it is necessary to think about what to do on a vacation home in bad weather.This is the right time to read interesting books that will help the teenager to broaden my horizons.

those who like to sit up on the computer, it is necessary to try to create your own website or blog, or do graphics software development and applications.Do not forget about the hobby.For example, a photograph or drawing, not only contributes to the development of creative abilities, but also in the future may bring income.

also summer vacation - it's time for new discoveries: why not teach a child to play the guitar, singing in a foreign language, roller skating, or skateboarding.You can do anything with his hands.For example, the weave of gum bracelet or 3D-figures, write your own collection of poems, edited video about yourself, your family or favorite movies and so on. D.

interesting activities

Things to do on summer vacation yet?You can create a cultural program by scheduling various events, such as visits to museums and exhibitions, Movies and concerts, visits to the site of reconstruction of the historical events and more.

If your child loves animals, it will be interesting and informative to study the habits of a pet, take care of them and train.

Do not forget that summer - this is a wonderful time when your children can spend a lot of time together doing funny outdoor games on the street or sitting behind a desktop at home.

What to do on vacation teenage girl?Since they have got a lot of free time to care for themselves, they can practice the proper use of cosmetics, masks, braiding, creating hairstyles and performing a beautiful manicure.

Perhaps the student has already decided who wants to be in the future, so the holidays - a great time for acquiring new knowledge and skills.Or is it a chance to decide what it will be engaged in the future, if the choice of profession is not yet done.


What to do on holiday?Summer vacation - an opportunity to find a teenager temporary part time.As a result of lessons a child learns the value of money, it would be responsible and learn to be organized.Where to go to work?For example, a student can get a courier, quizmaster, entertainer, distributor of leaflets and brochures.


Now you see, things to do on vacation teenager.Try to give the children as much attention to holidays have passed interesting, informative, entertaining.The main thing - that the child remember your holidays for many years.We hope that these tips help you make the right decision.