Granite - properties.

among the entire set of rocks make up the Earth's core group of magma which were formed over millions of years in the earth's crust of lava.These rocks belong and one of the basic building materials - granite.The properties of the stone has long been studied in human beings.This has led to the fact that it is widely used in construction in the past, it is used now.A huge number of ancient monuments and buildings preserved to our times because they were made of granite.Its unique composition, a beautiful grain structure and useful properties makes this stone is very popular construction material.

granite deposit

does this rock as a result of solidification of magma at great depths.Exposure to it has a high temperature, pressure, rising from the earth's crust gases and vapors.Under the influence of these factors and get this unique structure, the play of light and shadow, which we see in this stone.Most often it is gray, but sometimes extract red or green granite.Its properties depend on the size of its constituent grains.It is coarse

, medium-grained and fine-grained (the strongest).

this Himalayan rock is usually at great depths, but sometimes comes to the surface.The deposits of granite are found on all continents and in almost all countries, but most of them in Siberia, Karelia, Finland, India and Brazil.Extraction of his rather expensive, as it occurs in the form of huge reservoirs, often extending for several kilometers.

composition of the stone Granite

polymineral refers to rock formed by several substances.Most in its composition feldspar, which determines its color.Almost a quarter takes quartz, which is the inclusion of translucent bluish grains.Granite also contains other minerals (e.g., up to 10% there may be a tourmaline, 20% mica) and inclusions of iron, manganese, monazite or ilmenite.

Main properties of granite

advantages of this stone allow us to now enjoy the architectural structures made out of it in ancient times.What are the properties of granite determine its widespread use?

1. Durability.Fine-grained granite varieties are showing the first signs of wear only after 500 years.Therefore, it is sometimes called eternal stone.

2. Durability.Granite is the most durable material after diamond.It is resistant to compression and abrasion.This is due to the properties of quartz, included in its composition.In addition, it becomes clear why this breed is so strong, when you find the answer to the question of what is the density of granite.It is actually very high - nearly three tons per cubic meter.

3. Weatherproof.Granite can withstand temperatures from minus 60 to plus 50 degrees Celsius.This is very important in cold climates.Studies have shown that products made of granite do not lose their properties after a single 300-freezing and thawing.

4. Waterproof.It is this property of granite a frost.Therefore, it is ideal for lining the quays.

5. Environmentally friendly.Granite is not radioactive and is therefore safe for any construction work.

6. Fire.This material begins to melt only at 700-800 degrees Centigrade.Therefore oblitsevat them a home - is not only beautiful, but also safe.

7. Ease of handling, compatibility with all building materials and richness of textures and colors make it ideal for interior design.

8. Resistance to acids and fungi.

Granite processing

Despite the strength and high density of the rock, this stone is easy to process.Its pretty easy to cut and polish.Typically, commercially available large granite blocks, slabs or granite chippings and rubble.Because it makes the tiles, countertops and stone blocks.The richness of textures that make use of natural stone granite suitable for any interior design.It looks wonderful raw, well-light absorbing.Polished to perfection, it shows its dignity and beauty of the mica inclusions.When processing by chipping rocks obtained relief structure with a decorative chiaroscuro effect of the game.Some kinds of gray granite after heat treatment becomes milky white.

kinds of granite

Based on what minerals are part of the granite, especially pay attention to the dark-colored components.These rocks are divided into several groups: Alaska leykogranit, biotite, pyroxene, and other alkaline.These rocks are different and the structure:

- porphyritic granite that contains elongated inclusions of minerals;

- pegmatoid - different uniform grain size of quartz and feldspar;

- gneissic - a uniform fine-grained rock;

- Finnish granite, which is called differently rapakivi, has a round red blotches;

- written - a very interesting species, it feldspar particles are arranged in a wedge-shaped stripes, similar to the ancient writings.

Recently also started to use artificial granite, created by firing clay minerals.It called a granite stone, and almost equal to the natural properties.

Types breed color

Properties and application of granite also depend on its color.On this basis allocate several groups of rocks:

- amazonite granite for being a part of green feldspar has a pleasant bluish-green color;

- pink and red and red leznikovsky - the most durable;

- very common gray rocks, and his name they got from the mining sites: korninsky, Sophia, zhezhelevsky;

- rare is the white granite.For this species fall color from pale green to gray pearl.

Application granite

This stone for centuries used in construction and facing works.This is due to the fact that its fine-grained varieties begin to collapse only after 500 years.It is resistant to various influences, and is very durable.These basic properties of granite allows wide use in construction.Where applicable mineral:

1. Most of monuments make it out of him.

2. His strength and abrasion resistance allow the use of stone for manufacturing steps, cladding floors, porches and even bridges.

3. In cold climates the most demanded building material - it is granite.Its properties allow stoning buildings and even quays where there are harsh winters.

4. This stone can transform your home, both inside and outside.The designers successfully use it for the manufacture of columns, stairs, baseboards, countertops and handrails.Stoning them and the walls of houses.

5. The use of granite in the pools, bathrooms and fountains due to the fact that he did not pass water.And also does not collapse under its influence.

Granite in the interior

in recent years has become very widely used this stone for interior decoration.It combines perfectly with all materials: wood, metal and ceramics - and is suitable for any home design.In addition to wall and floor tiles, yet in many places, the apartment can use granite.Its properties make it indispensable for the manufacture of stone window sills and countertops in the kitchen.They were easy to care for, they are durable and do not deteriorate from moisture and heat.

It is widely used as granite and landscape design.The path or gazebo, lined the stone will not be afraid to weathering and not crack over time.Look beautiful flower beds, decorated them, for example, in the style of a Japanese garden of stones or a terrace.Very convenient for the manufacture of curbs and stairs also used granite.

Properties and application of this stone has long been studied.And he used the ancient man.With the advent of new technologies of processing of granite it began to be used more often, because it became possible to improve its decorative properties.