As a dry cellar in the house and on the street

The cellar is always maintained low temperature, which ensures the safety of products.However, the low temperatures and lack of air flow lead to the appearance of moisture and, consequently, to the appearance of mold.In addition, there is a risk of flooding in the spring meltwater cellar.And even if you are forced to empty the liquid, the room will still be moist.Therefore, to the owners of the question arises: how to dry the cellar?Consider all of the major ways and determine whether they are effective.

As dry cellar in the street

So, we have a cellar on the street, for example, in the country.What is different is the structure of the sub-floor for storing vegetables in the house?As a rule, this cellar is a single structure or a pit connected to the non-residential premises.So, here it is possible to carry out drying and disinfection by means of fire and smoke.

As dry cellar using the brazier?First, take out from the storage racks and shelves - they can be dried in the sun and treated with a solution of copper sulfate, which will hinder the development of mold.Kindle roasting pan (it is easy to make from a bucket) and lower it into the hole on the hook.The heat will help to dry out and the smoke disinfects the premises.

You can also dry storage by creating additional thrust.To do this, we increase the pipe ventilation using tins almost to the floor and put a candle near it.

And he and the other process is not fast, and dehumidification can take several days.

As dry cellar in the house

The easiest way to drain the storage of vegetables in the house - it is a regular heater.We need to take an extension cord, put it in the cellar, and to connect any type of heater is closed (no open-helix).Device type chosen for security reasons, since a person can not be kept in the cellar.It is also necessary that the heater has a fuse that will trip when the appliance overheats.Drying time will depend on the power of the device and on the area of ​​the room, but as a rule, it happens fast enough.

As dry cellar with a heat gun?This method is rarely used in private homes, but it was such devices get rid of dampness in the industrial areas.Heat guns are highly heaters.They are used to heat large premises, and drying.The disadvantage of this method is that you have to buy special equipment, and, most likely, this explains the rare application of the method when drying with private cellars.Recently, however, an opportunity to take a heat gun for hire, or, alternatively, order drainage facilities in a specialized firm.

So, now you know how to dry the cellar.However, we must remember that the best way to provide for the possibility of this problem is still in the construction phase.Analysis of the level of ground water in a selected location and wiring ventilation will reduce the appearance of dampness and mold in the operation of the cellar.