As a joke at work

results of studies on the impact of jokes at work, published in the American scientific journal Journal Of Personality & amp;Psychology, suggests that people have a warm and friendly feelings to those colleagues who can afford to let go at them jokes and even give different nicknames.

As strange as it sounds, but there are people with an innate talent to joke at work.
In many companies there are jokers, which is forgiven everything.
They can be compared with the court jesters of the Middle Ages.Sometimes the word royal jester was of greater importance than the word first counselor of the king.

Interestingly, positive cause even insulting nicknames and offensive jokes.
And all this because the banter of fellow establishes closer contact between them.

Also, the survey found that wags faster up the career ladder.
Maybe it affects permanent elation pranksters and easy, optimistic attitude to all problems and challenges.
But ... Jokers quickly rise through the ranks only to a certain level - to the level of middle management.

And sometimes another joke can and does end his retirement.At least in this company.
often jokes and jokes that begin innocently, as a result cause great harm not only the employees but also the company as a whole.

order not to transgress the brink of what is permitted, is to learn a few simple rules of correct banter at work:

1. ¬ęThe secret of" vulgar jokes .Many people mistakenly think that vulgar jokes might offend the best feelings of man, and his dignity.But the researchers, sociologists from the University of Washington have proved the opposite: the most concerted and strong teams were those where the supposed vulgar jokes.But: do not go to the person.

2. Do not joke on the head of .But: this rule there are exceptions.Many small firms, possibly young team insubordination.

3. Do not joke on customers , this can lead to undesirable consequences both for you personally and for the company as a whole.

4. Russian sociologists ROMIR Monitoring research company conducted a study and found that all adequately react to jokes businessmen and soldiers .Also it proved that women are more sensitive to jokes, and men look at it calmly.

If a colleague did not understand your desire to play a trick harmless, it is better to apologize and the next time you select another victim of your mood playful remember this incident.

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