What can you tell me about the dream from Tuesday to Wednesday

What we do in order to interpret their dreams?We are looking for relevant sources that offer us such interpretation.This is usually taken into account the symbols of our dreams, and how to be in time?For example, I was in school days have heard that almost certainly come true dreams dreamed on Thursday.But dreams are from Tuesday to Wednesday true or not?

In fact, the dream-books tell us not only about the meaning of the symbols of dreams, but also on other factors and nuances.I wondered what the dream-books online is talking about dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday.It turned out that each day of the week favored a certain metal.With respect to the medium is mercury.The Planet, which has the patronage of the day of the week is Mercury.

Accordingly, the sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday under the auspices of the above the planet.On this night, as a rule, the dreams are diverse subjects, episodes often have no apparent connection between them.In order to better remember dreams well yielded to the study and analysis, it is recommended to keep a diary of dreams.

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Thus all the events that happened in a dream, you need to write down immediately after waking up.Initially it seems that difficult to remember the details, but each time will become easier, and dreams themselves are clearer.Can he woke up, jot down the content of dreams in a special notebook, and then in more detail to bring it to your personal computer.

Personally I'm doing, using the program Microsoft Word, which is a function of the date and time.Accordingly, we can see that it was like a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday, were such a definite feeling of waking and dreaming-such events, people, facilities and so on.It is believed that the influence of Mercury on that day, according to sleep through what changes will occur in your life.

This planet governs communication skills and the ability to express themselves.Accordingly, the sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday may include your inner circle, including family, carrying with him some information that points to the coming business meetings, trips, important to the dreamer talks.

In particular, if the dreams of the day bright, dynamic and well-remembered, something about you can say with certainty that the person you are outgoing, easy to get in touch with others.You use a certain prestige among them and sympathy.If the dream from Tuesday to Wednesday was the same as above, then you're in the same day, you can safely put forward new ideas and suggestions on their work.It will be accepted with understanding and subsequently put into implementation.

But if, on the contrary, a dream that very day was boring, straightforward and monotonous?In this case, it is possible that the dreamer feels the lack of attention from the world around him, he is bound, and it lacks the live communication, warm friendly relations.The person who sees a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday, also remains in doubt.It is not certain that a difficult moment can rely on the people around him.

dreams come true whether from Tuesday to Wednesday?Perhaps, yes, they come true in light of the one discussed above information.That is, in all matters relating to relations with other people of the dreamer.Basically it is his family: friends, relatives, friends, colleagues at work.

Oh, and if on that day you dreamed that you are flying, then get ready for dramatic changes in their lives.You will receive a very important information, which can be fatal, in a good way.

interesting to note another feature of dreams.There are days in which people and their dreams can be interpreted, and there are days that they come true.In particular dream from Tuesday to Wednesday realized on Saturday.