Tasks Psychology

problems of modern psychology, what are they?Recently, the psychologist there are more and more questions, both theoretical and practical plan that leads to its rapid development.The main tasks of psychology is the study of psychological laws in their continuous development and expansion of the front of psychological research.It is constantly changing conceptual apparatus, new disciplines and entire research areas.

Private task of psychology are very diverse, because it covers the properties of the person, his state and the processes taking place with him - from distinguishing features of the object, which affects the human senses, and to the struggle of the individual motivations.Some of these phenomena have been studied in depth, and the other is only stated as fact.And of course the problem of psychology in the theoretical part of it consists in comparing, integrating and organizing all the accumulated knowledge and solving methodological issues inevitably arise in this case.

basic categories of this science is a reflection, activity, identity and communication, as well as the concept of social and biological.Difficult task of psychology is to identify all the objective relations of natural and social characteristics of the human person, the ratio of social and biological determinants in the course of its development.Not so long ago, this science is a purely ideological discipline, but in recent years it becomes increasingly practical role.Psychological tests when applying for a job and carried out in the industry and in the government, the task of psychology decide not only in medical schools, but also in every high school.Jobs that require the executor of psychological competence, can now occur in any area of ​​society to eliminate the harmful effects of so-called "human factor", which, in the case of neglect them, often leads to the most unpredictable and enormous challenges.The term "human factor" in modern times implies the full range of psychological, psycho-physiological and socio-psychological characteristics of people who can somehow influence the particular type of human activity.

high-level objectives of psychology - is the creation of the scientific base for the speedy opening of the objective laws that govern the entire system of psychological phenomena, from the simplest to the sensations and mental properties of individuals and improvement of education and training of the younger generation.Society gradually realized the importance of applications of psychology to solve everyday problems of every single individual, which led to the creation and gradual development of psychological service in the public education system.At this time, this service is under development, and further aims to associate science with a broad practical application of the results of its activities.

From the place that aside psychology among other sciences, depends largely on the possibility of using its understanding of developments in other sciences, as well as the use of their achievements in relation to psychology.Interestingly, no other science is so often changed his place in the system of knowledge, such as psychology.Currently, there are non-linear classification academician BMKedrov.It is built in the shape of a triangle whose vertices are the philosophical, natural and social sciences and reflects the diversity of psychology links with them, due to the proximity of the subject.And, according to this proximity, guided method and the subject of psychology toward the respective sides of the triangle.